Saturday, April 28, 2012

A farewell

You know that feeling when you sense a new beginning? A new life which you are not very sure if it will be a pleasant one or a tough one? A new start to a phase, which you are not very sure if you are looking forward to experience.

Well, on that morning that is how I felt. Opening my eyes to a room filled with packed bags and an otherwise overcrowded shoe stand, empty, it shot on me that this was the end to college life. Just a day before, the entire class was in tears and the four of us laughing away to glory. But I was sure that this morning would be gloomy and upset. None of us really cried, except for me. So we were quite sure we wouldn’t cry, but we were also sure that all of our hearts would be heavy.

So running that last run through one end of the corridor to the other, my eyes did fill with tears, but I held it back. After all it wasn’t like we would never meet again. And so we hugged like we would never let go, and said our final goodbyes. And all four of us didn’t forget to laugh those hideous laughs of us and we parted ways.

And now for the main question. What next? Well, it would either be higher studies or a job! My parents would love it if I studied for a year or two more, but I would love to visit the work field and have a feel of it before I dig deeper into more books! Apart from these two options, I have many things in mind which I wish I could do. 
I would love to keep cooking till I shift to someplace else. I have to get my license in these two months. It is now or never! I want to reduce my weight! And I would love to be a lot more active on blog.

But for the time being it is just fun, relaxation and thinking about the old madness and smiling.

P.S: My comment list has gone down drastically L!!

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