Friday, January 28, 2011

It's a boy!!

Everyone would have their own day that reminds them of how lucky they are in their life. The joy multiplies if it is the happiest day of their life as well. My take on such a day is December 16, 2008. The day my baby was born. Well, not exactly my baby, he is my nephew. Sreeram.
I still remember the day my sister gave us the happiest news she could have ever given us. My parents were going to be grandparents, myself an aunt and my sister and jeeju, parents. The very first member of a new generation. Although, it made us realize that we were all growing a step further, relation wise, nothing could match the happiness we enjoyed on that day.
Months went by and during one of my sister’s regular check-up, the doctor told us that the baby’s heartbeat was not heard. Our hearts skipped a beat. We didn’t lose hope and decided for a second opinion. She travelled back home. To India. And the baby’s heartbeat was back! So was ours!
There was no bound to our happiness now. We decided on names. We decided on what the baby would call us. We decided on what all to purchase for the new member of our family. Months passed and our excitement arose. Chechi’s only wish… She wanted the baby to arrive a day after their first anniversary!
Her wish came true. They celebrated their first anniversary on December 13, 2008, with us still thinking on how to welcome the new member in the best way possible. She got admitted at the hospital near-by on December 14. I had my exams during that month. A hectic and exciting month I must say. I went to meet my sister at the hospital every day after school. December16, 2008 was a holiday for me. Thankfully. At around 9 in the morning, I got a call from my mother saying my sister was taken to the operation theatre. She had not shown any signs of pain in spite of the injection. So caesarian it was going to be. We rushed to the hospital so that we were not late to welcome our baby. After a long while of waiting, the nurse came out with a tiny baby wrapped in a cloth in her arms and announced “It is a boy”! My grandmother was the first one to hold him in her arms, and the first look I had at him was heavenly. I kept my little finger in his palm and he held it tight. That was when I promised to him and myself that no matter what happens I will do anything and everything to make him happy and safe. A glance at him can make my day.
It has been two years since his birth, and he has changed. But no matter how old he grows, for me, he is always that baby I first saw on December 16. 2008. My first baby!


Anu Krishnan said...

Omg..beautiful!!Good enough to arouse every girl's maternal instincts!

Deeps said...

thank you very much anu :)

Sujatha Sathya said...

u know when i read the 1st para, my mouth actually opened wide & i was like "what"? because i remember you being single & all, toh yey bachcha??

then i read the line nephew & i closed my mouth again :)

nice post Deepthi

The life-a-holic said...

@Sujatha Di: Hahaha!!! I love him calling him my sweetheart, rather than nephew. Creates a lot of gap with the word 'nephew'!!