Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What was it that she did wrong??

Before I start writing this story, I would like to make one thing clear to avoid any further confusions. The post posted is purely a piece of fiction and has no relation with either my life or anyone I know. I was watching a movie recently, and came up with one doubt which will be asked in the end of the story. I didn’t want to stop the post with just the question and so the story. It is no fairytale, so there won’t be any ‘once upon a times’ or ‘happily ever afters’. Now let’s get on to the story shall we?

Rema was hit by obstacles right from her birth. She had been fighting with members of the opposite sex right from when she was safe inside her mother’s tummy. Safe would definitely be an understatement since her father didn’t want her alive, for the sole reason of being a girl or not a boy. But she always found shelter in the one person who always protected her, her mother.

And so she made it to the world. She was probably a lot better inside her mother’s tummy since life was not a bed of roses for her. Rather it was a flock of thorns. Her father beat her from when she could remember, and she craved for her grandmother’s love from time immemorial. But little did she know that life was definitely going to take a wild bump when her mother passed away when she was a tender ten year old.

She felt alone and lonely. Why wouldn’t she? Her mother was the only one who loved her and gave her the care and affection with the help of which she passed all obstacles. Not to mention successfully. And with that person not in her life anymore, she felt lost. Her father however felt freedom ever since he lost his wife, since he could beat and literally kill his daughter a lot more. And so he did by getting her married off to a man in his thirties.

Rema felt scared in his presence, but never forgot her duties towards him. The same duties her mother used to perform to her father. She cooked for him, massaged his legs and hands when he came back after a fight and lay still when he fulfilled his pleasures. But never did she feel the pleasure of being loved and caressed by a person of the opposite sex.

After days and months of his fulfillments, Priya came into this world. Rema felt happiness and peace when she held her for the first time. Her daughter. She promised Priya to look after her the same way her other looked after Rema. She felt complete and understood why her mother fought till her last breath to save Rema. She wished and believed her husband would change for the good with the arrival of the angel.

But little did she know that life was going to be an even bigger hell for Priya than it was for her. Her husband never looked at her with a fatherly affection. She felt he looked at Priya the same way he looked at her when they were in bed. She felt scared for her daughter but never lost hope. But all of her hopes crushed to pieces when she returned one day from the market only to return home to a bed filled with blood. Her daughter lay still on the bed with blood all over her body. Her lips were crushed and her body had bite scars. She turned to her husband for answers; which she had already known but didn’t want to accept.

She cried; for days and months. But the pain didn’t wipe away, neither did the wounds. Her daughter’s lifeless face kept haunting her. She felt helpless unable to complete the promise she had made to her daughter the day she was born. But she felt strong. Years of rage and anger were all about to end. She felt strong enough to perform one activity; one murder; just one murder. She went to the room where her husband lay peaceful, unmoved by their daughter’s death. She hit him on the head with the frying pan she used to use to make him chapathis. The pillow to his side finished the job.

She felt happiness and peace, even though she had to spend the rest of her life in jail. She felt confident to meet her daughter up there. She was waiting to meet her and spend the rest of their time in peace.

What wrong did Rema do? If you see her as a wife, I don’t think she was wrong. Neither was she as a mother. But she still had to spend the rest of her life in jail. Why?


Sonia said...

its heart wretching story Bee. Well, I dun have any answer for your question either..

Writing Bee said...

@Sonia: I will be waiting for an answer!!

roopz said...

Superb story... I have become a great fan of your posts!
However if you dont mind, shall I suggest you something? The title of the story should have been more punching.
The title looks too ordinary. Never mind, its just a remark from me...Something I felt!

village girl

aditi said...

it was such a heart breaking story..
its really sad that man treat women as an object of pleasure....
hope this mentality improve in the recent times

Writing Bee said...

@roopz: Thank you so much. And I too felt the same about the title, but could not come up with anything creative that would hit the reader right away. But will do it from next time onwards :)

Writing Bee said...

@aditi: I completely agree. And I too hope men realize the worth of a woman soon!!

CD!!! said...

This is heart breaking! Men like these are worse than animals! Death is a small punishment for them!

Writing Bee said...

@CD: Completely agree that death is a minimal punishment they can get. They too should suffer the exact same way they made the lives of these women a heaven. But I still didn't get the answer for my question!