Monday, June 27, 2011

Confusion at its Best...

Should I?? Or shouldn't I?? I am hundred percent sure that everyone, from a toddler to an aged person, would have experienced this confusion. There is the question mark in everyone's mind on whether to do this or that, to follow this path or the other one, to accept it or not, to voice one's opinion or not and so on. For an answer, one usually turns to a loved one. He/ she could be anyone in the family list, or one's better half, or a close friend in the huge friends list. Infact some people also confide in a total stranger.But, who can help one find an answer that he/ she is completely satisfied with? The answer from my side for that question would be, the person carrying the confusion himself/ herself.
In a book I read recently, I found out that the one thing that most women are truly scared and dread about is to have to tell another person directions looking at a map. Infact in a diagram on a woman's brain, it is seen that a small dot represents the map reading particle for her. The different signs, arrows and buildings in a map, truly scares the hell out of a woman, and for a man to defeat a woman, I guess the only way possible is by asking her to provide you with directions from a map. I would truly be frozen to death if someone asked me to read from a map!
On the other hand, the one thing that confuses the hell out of a man, according to the book, is for him to find objects in storage areas. A man's vision is meant for a longer distance. thus, he can very clearly see things way away from him, but it takes a lot of his effort to see an object right infront of him. The scenario becomes a lot more complicated and dirty if the bottle of milk is placed the other way round in the fridge, meaning if the words M I L K is not visible to him.
Oh not to forget the tiny toddler, who has just landed to Earth, a couple of years back. You see your toddler going next to a vase, all ready to smash it down to pieces. You scream at him/ her asking him/ her to not go near it. He/ she stares at you with pumped out eyes for a couple of minutes. The child is confused whether to do it and fulfill his/ her desire or to obey his/ her mother and get a puppy kiss.
So, I guess the nightmare of confusion does not spare anyone. The various confusions by the two opposite sexes is clearly mentiones in the book "Why men can do only one thing at a time and women never stop talking" by Allan and Barbara Pease.


Sujatha Sathya said...

yup confusions confusing us.

btw, i have read Pease's book on Body Language but not this one. Must read this one then

Writing Bee said...

@Di: You must. I had a great time reading it :)