Thursday, February 24, 2011


It's 2:46 am, and my eyes are still wide awake. with my bowl of cup noodles beside me and my fingers on the keypad, I am almost blank as to what to write about. A first-time chat with my dad's best friend's daughter, who is in her early 30's, brought in a new life into me. Though, it was just for a couple of minutes that I spoke to her, it brought in that spark between us, the spark of true, o-sum friendship waiting to be built up.
This could be contrary to what I felt just a couple of hours before I had a chat with her. I felt I didn't know how to choose the right people as 'friends'. You could console me by saying that it is a very tough and hard conclusion that I have come up with at such an early stage of life... But I disagree, as it has been proved time and again by many people, who were supposedly my 'friends'. They have cheated on me, they have turned out to be hypocrites. They have broken my trust, the have broken my heart. But I guess faith is the only thing that keeps you moving on. After all as the tagline of the Fast-track advertisement says "Move On"!!!After all, life has to be moved on, whether you like it or not..And this time, I am holding on to faith with one hand and have crossed my fingers on the other, hoping that this time I wouldn't be wrong in my choice. However, my dad had a role to play in this friendship!! So, it is not going to be a fake!! I hope!!


Sujatha Sathya said...

this post was written on 24th Feb.
been almost 9 months now...since that fateful chat.
so hows your friend? & how has your experience been?

The life-a-holic said...

@Sujatha Di: My friend is doing great. The experience pretty awesome. And she is around 10 years older to me :D! Actually my dad's friend's daughter! Now I understand why my mother always say I have a better rapport with people who are elder to me :P!! Like you :D