Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I am 'Tagged'!!!

It's been pretty long since I have actually played a game! Actually no, I did play a game with my friends this weekend. A game called 'The Game of Life'. If you haven't played it, you should!

Anyway Viya wants to know a bit more about myself, and has tagged me in this beautiful game called 'Tag'!

So the rules?

Rule#1: Put the rules on your blog.
Rule#2: Every person who is tagged in this activity should tell 11 things about themselves, then answer the questions asked by the person who tagged you, then tag 11 other people and ask them 11 different questions. 
Rule#3: Let the people whom you tagged know you've done so.
Rule#4: Don't tag anyone who's been tagged before.
Rule#5: Really do tag 11 others, don't go all ''if you want to take this tag''

So here are the 11 random things about myself (God this is going to be tough)!

1. I am a lot less short-tempered when compared to how I was earlier (Oh yes, I was very very bad friends :P)
2. I consider myself to be the Queen of 'stage-fright'. I can shiver till my legs consider not holding on to my body weight just before I get on to a stage. In fact I do not go on the stage during marriage functions as well. I run to the eating hall as soon as the 'thali' is tied!
3. Speaking about eating, I am a foodie. I adoreeee food!!
4. But I crave for a slimmer body, which I don't think will appear anytime soon!
5. So I hope all of you understand from points 4 and 5 that I am very difficult in making decisions on my own. I can be easily (and I mean damn easily) manipulated by anyone who I care about even to the slightest.
6. I miss playing my guitar.
7. I miss home and Amma's food :(
8. I trust people a lot quicker than I would like to.
9. I hate anyone (guys or girls) who do not respect women.
10. I sometimes feel that people text me only because I have started the conversation and not because they actually am interested in talking to me :|!
11. I wish I was as smart as the person I am when I am talking to myself!

So voila Vi and my other friends, I think my seminar was a lot more easier :P!!

So here are Viya's questions!

1. Which is the colour which best describes you?
A. I think pink would be my answer, for the sole reason I love anything and everything in pink. You buy anything, and I mean ANYTHING in pink, and I would love you for the rest of my life :D.

2. Shoes or bags or clothes?
A. I would have to go with clothes considering the mess in my wardrobe. But shoes is a recent obsession that has taken over me!

3. What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you, but now makes you laugh?
A. Very simple. During my 11th grade I participated for an instrumental music competition where I was to play the guitar. Since I had recently joined that school, my seniors totally made a laughing stock out of me by hooting and shouting, which led to me giving up playing the guitar. But now I think about it, I end up crying due to laughter! And the best part, I laugh with those very seniors!

4. Culture and heritage? or 'in-thing' and future? why? 
A. Culture and heritage. Personally I feel, no matter how modern one becomes, culture is what is going to either bind him to the ground or bury him under the ground. A person is known by the culture s/he follows. For example, no matter how broad-minded and modern India becomes, an Indian will always be expected to follow certain norms such as respect for elders and oneself. That is what marks an Indian from any other nation citizen.

5. If you had a time machine, would you want to take a peek into the future or change something from the past?
A. Definitely change something from the past. I still have time to shape my future and I wouldn't want to ruin the fun of knowing it before hand. But I do believe that if certain things from my past had happened differently, my present and ultimately my future would have been a lot more bright!

6. Have you eaten something that is not edible?
A. Does paper count :P!!!

7. Do you believe in the purpose of relationships?
A. I completely agree with the idea of relationship. I do not believe that any person can live without no relationship at all. Be it family, friends, love or even enmity. I believe even enmity is a relationship to be cherished.

8. Do you wanna be the person who would dedicate his life to do something great for the benefit of the society and land up in textbooks or would you rather lead a quiet happy satisfied life with the family and friend?
A. I would rather dedicate my life to do something for the benefit of the society and lead a quiet, happy and satisfied life with my family and friends :)!!

9. What is the one dream you remember vividly?
A. A dream where I was surrounded my snakes (yuck yuck yuck)!!!

10. Do you have a purpose in life or do you just take life as it comes?
A. Broadly, yes I do have a purpose in life. But ultimately I take life as it comes!!

11. Your bestest childhood memory?
A. That is pretty easy. My parents and myself lived in Saudi Arabia for around 4 years, when my sister had to study in India. The flights from Cochin to Saudi was always at odd times, and every time she visited home (Saudi), Amma would make it a point to make Porotta, Chicken curry and there would be the Puck cheese spread both of us drooled over! So I used to wait for Chechi to come only for that :P!! But I love her more than ever, so I am not evil!!

Now I am supposed to tag 11 different people. The winners (in no particular order) are:

Now to my set of 11 questions, ayayoooo

1. Your favourite colour and why?
2. Do you agree with the concept of eloping with your guy/girl without the knowledge of your parents?
3. The most memorable moment of your life?
4. Would you rather live life adventurously taking risks whenever possible, or would you prefer living a peace and quiet life?
5. An incident that changed your life?
6. Bed coffee, coffee with a newspaper or coffee along with breakfast?
7. Have you ever been compared to a person you never thought you had any resemblance to? If so who?
8. A dream yet to be fulfilled, but hope to be completed soon?
9. Something you miss from your childhood?
10. Nail-painted leg or mehendi-scented hands?
11. One person you cannot live without?

I AM SO GLAD THIS IS OVER!! It was so much more difficult than I would have wanted it to be. But I had fun, and thanks a ton Vi for the tag :) :*!!

P.S: My external viva went extremely well. Two final papers done, three more to go :) 


the other side of me said...

Queen stage fright..Gosh that's an interesting fact..and I adore anyone that can play guitar :) pls continue playing guitar :)

and im tagged again..:)

Thank you :)

Viya ;) said...

haha.. you have stage fear?!! OMG! :O .. i've eaten paper too :P :P .. i was sooo hungry!!!
lol! :P jus for amma's food, u would want your sister to come? ;) hehe

I had funn reading more about you dee :D :D

Hazel said...

Thanks for tagging me! I'll get round to doing it soon lol!

Saru Singhal said...

You fear stage, I never thought so about you. You ate paper, now that makes you a perfect writer. You actually lived on a something you are passionate about, OK a part of it...

Thanks for tagging me along...:)

Good to know a lot about you..:)

the little princess said...

Hey thanks for tagging me in this game...I'll get down to doing this soooon...

Writing Bee said...

@TOSM: I do not remember a thing about guitar, so it would take quite a lot of time for me to get back on track!!

@Vi: Aww thank you so much dear. Till a few days before Chechi comes I would get excited about the food. But otherwise I would miss her so very much.

@Hazel: Do get on asap!! :)

@Saru Di: Hahah I didn't look at my eating paper in that angle :P! Waiting to know a lot more about you :)

@thellittleprincess: Waiting :)

My Never Ending Thoughts... said...

Hey Thanks for the tag.. I will answer all your questions soon.. Pls check it in my blog:) And its really good to know more about you:)

My Never Ending Thoughts... said...

Hey your questions are been answered.. pls do check out..

Writing Bee said...

@MNET: Will check it right away :)