Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dear Auntyji's

I am a 20 year old normal, intelligent (ya-right), fun loving girl. I have six life-breaking, tough months left to get over with college, and I have not yet decided whether I should work, do a PG or do both together till now. I have applied planning to apply to a number of colleges hoping I will get through any one, at least. My parents are not ready, my sister and jeeju (and my sweetheart nephew of course) is definitely not ready and I am 100% confidentlyabsolutely sure that I am not ready to GET MARRIED!!

Hunt for the perfect dulha is going on for my cousin sister, who is 3 years elder to me. And guess what! If her ‘stars’ don’t match with the guy, they ask about me! I mean come on ladies and gentlemen, how can you be so bloody stupid and irritating to ask for my hand when you have just rejected my sister’s. I am so glad my younger sister is just 5. They would at least not ask for her ‘astrologicallyproven paper’ to consider.

I really REALLY don’t understand what is wrong with the Auntys around me. You see a girl you find her ok-looking DOES NOT mean you go around with a proposal for her. You wait and first and foremost see if she is bloody ready and then go with the proposal. Not just barge into their home and say “I have a son who is soandsoandsoandso. Would you be interested to marry off your daughter to him?” I do not care if he is the world’s richest-most goodlooking-loving guy in the world. I am not ready yaani I am not ready. When I have made up my mind to marry, which I have not yet decided, I will put a big banner in front of my house. Or better I would have brought home my very own rich-good looking-loving guy, which would definitely make things easier for all of you!
When I am ready!!!

So my dear Auntyji’s please stop irritating and aggravating me. You need not break your heads trying to find the puurrrfffeeeccct guy for me. Most probably I would find him by myself.

P.S: I am so so so glad my parents are nowhere near to these Auntys! And I am not bringing them near them for another four years at the least!


Paanipuri Lover said...

Aww! Happens! So many people are blogging about these aunty woes! :|
*hugs* kick their ass, baby! :P
It'll be ALL well! :D :D

Spaceman Spiff said...

:D Run all you want, darling. You just can't escape the marriage-aunties. :D

Confused Soul said...

I don't understand the reason others like to poke their nose in marriage issues.. like aunty's n chachis and kaki's et al.. crazy aa :P .. ughhh!! And thank god your parents don't want you getting married off quickie ... relief :)

Sujatha Sathya said...

u sound seriously irritated & highly aggravated here (after reading the blissful post on home)
banner in front of your house - :DD - amusing that was...the "dear aunties" will still hound you only with a different set of questions then :))
They will never stop. that is their peculiar chemical property :))

sumitra said...

You hang on to those thoughts, because those four years will be over before you know it. Enjoy your single life and make the most of it!

Hazel said...

Oh dear, doesn't sound like a lot of fun!

Saru Singhal said...

LOL...Hunt is going on...:)

Saru Singhal said...

LOL...Hunt is going on...:)

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

Auntyjis can be very annoying. They need some smart and shocking answers to shut them up... like this post. Just print it out and mail it to them! ok am kidding! :P

Even I've never understood the 'ok the horoscope doesn't match with the first daughter so let's try the second daughter' attitude. It just feels so wrong and awkward to me. Lucky you have your parents on your side. Same case with me. Auntyjis harassing me but my parents are on my side!

Writing Bee said...

@Paanipuri: I really really hope AAALLL IS WELL :)

@Spiff: They seriously are a pain in the botton!!! :@

@Shreya: I am so glad myself they are on my side. But God alone knows till when :/!!

@Sujatha Di: I wish I could turn on the concentrated acid tank and burn off their peculiar, irritating chemical property!!

@Sumitra: Oh yes time is really running away. Faster than I would like it to!!

@Hazel: It is not!!!Not one bit!!! But yes, my sister's hunt is fun though :P!!

@Saru Di: No funny :(

@TheGirlAtFirstAvenue: Girls like have only our parents to hang on to!!

Red Handed said...

If your stars dont match, send them to me :P
Okie now on a serious note, baby girl just ignore those auntijees. They have no more spice left in thr lives, and tht is why such things they doing to us :D

Writing Bee said...

@Red: I will definitely send them to you :P!!! And yes most of them have lost the entire masala and passion!!! And guess what I was planning on telling people around that I am a law student after reading an old post of yours :D !!!

Nia said...

Yes! Commented the same in another similar post I read, ''I could buy myself a LV desinger bad, if I took one buck for the number of question they pointed to me''. Damn, seriously. Auntyjis are lifeless, marriage doesn't happen by looking for 10 girls for your son. It happens, by falling in love. Marriage is a bad option when you're not stable. That's why most children are rotting with no proper shelter and education today!

Writing Bee said...

@Nia: Very well said!! I personally do not believe in the concept of arranged marriage!! I really wonder how people can actually spend their entire life with a person whom they have only met over a cup of coffee!! And LOL on the comment!! Everytime an Auntyji asks me what I am studying I get a feeling, "Here goes my love. The next question is definitely that!!" :P

Deepsi said...

Hugs dear n really do not bother abt the "Auntijees" as far as ur parents r not influenced!! Just enjoy ur single life... Who knows like u said u might urself find a guy for urself... Until then just chill maadi

Writing Bee said...

@Deepsi: Yes enjoying it to the fullest :P!!!

Gayatri said...

Oh dear. I've been hearing these woes from so many people now. It's so irritating. When I turned 23, people were like "it's time now"!! And these were random relatives. Random people I didn't even know. Luckily I met the right guy instantly and married him! I didn't give these aunties the opportunity to irritate me further.


Writing Bee said...

@Gayatri: You must have been really lucky!! I hope I bear the same luck!! But by past experiences that is something I have in zero quantity :P!!