Monday, May 23, 2011


Reading, writing, listening to music, playing outdoor sports 'were' all activities performed by the young population. Yes, the word I used is 'were'. And no, Facebooking and tweeting is not why I used the term. The new hobby on-the-go is planking, and has recently hit the Australian population as well.

The term 'planking' got its origin from the 'lying down game', invented by Gary Clarkson and Christian Langdon in 1997, that was played in Europe and Japan. The game requires you to lie with your face down, with both your hands touching the sides of your body. The two most important requisites are asking someone to take a photograph of the final you and doing so in an extraordinary, strange place. By late 2010, it reached a level where it was coined as 'sweeping Britain', and was later termed in 2011 as 'planking' in Australia.

The new Facebook page, 'Planking Australia' has more than 16,100 fans and displays millions of photos taken by various people planking on unthinkable places such as desks, train tracks, on horsebacks, goalposts and where not. Surprisingly, the police do not have a problem with it, but warns those who post their pictures from trespassing charges. However, the page has failed to attract any of the Australian police force. Unlike, the first vicim of planking, who died after falling from his balcony, as long as it is done in safe places, it does not sound as a bad idea.

An advantage for plankers to mention is that it is a very good exercise and voted as one among the top 10 exercises for a toned ab. The only difference is you have to place your elbows and forearms beneath your chest. So, if planking helps you get a John Abraham body, why not?

The next town falling for the crazy idea's victim is Dallas. The whole idea may sound bizarre. But who does not like to be a bit crazy at times! And it definitely denotes an out-of-the-box thinking. So go on being crazy and planking. But be safe!

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