Monday, May 23, 2011

...Bag of Wishes...

Everyone has felt that crave to do something, that seems to be completely wild, crazy and impossible at times. Things that might be crazy for some, might be natural to others. But maybe the craziness and the 'no you are not supposed to do that' is what makes it a lot more challenging to accomplish. Well, here are a few of my wild wishes, I hope comes true someday...

The programs on television showing how innumerable people get their bodies filled with tattoos, shows it to be completely normal for a large number of people. But, the 'no's' and weird looks given by my parents, when I ask them if I can get a small tattoo (for their satisfaction not visible to anyone), makes it quite a challenge for me to get one. So, here goes my first wish: A small tattoo on my ankle..!!! A small angel with a heart on one side, and 'believe' written on the other side. It depicts every stage in my life that I have gone through, which is usually filled with problems. I have always had a sweet angel saving me and helping me go through the tough times, and love has always played a very important role in my life, be it love from any individual. And a small note of reminder to everyone who sees it, to believe. Believe in God, believe in your loved ones, and most importantly believe in that angel of yours. It will definitely come to your rescue, without you knowing it. Wow..kewl!!

I could probably represent India for acrophobia- fear of heights. Or maybe even the world. I can't even go on a simple roller coaster, forget bungee jumping. I still remember when my sister insisted me to accompany my nephew on a small ride which moves up and down. It is meant for toddlers, so you can imagine the speed of the ride. And my sister literally fell on the floor laughing, because my nephew, who is just two, was enjoying and giggling while me, sitting behind him was scared to the core. What embarrassment! The 'no's' from my mind when I see a roller coaster, would be why I would like to go to the heights of challenging my fear of heights. P.S: Seeing the picture itself makes me sick! Phew...Ya right!!

A romantic evening at Eiffel tower with the person I love the most, would be third in my list. In fact, in this busy world, being with your loved one, be it anywhere, is a gift in itself. Why Eiffel Tower in particular, is because, it is the epitome of love and romance. Why? I do not know. So, I would love to know, which is why I would like to go there for once. Why a crazy idea, because I am not sure if my better half, where ever he is, would want to spend so much money and time just to be with me in front of one of the wonders of the world. Hmmm..I hope!!

A person who has not experiences it, would ever understand how it feels to not be able to wear those beautiful, trendy, sexy pair of heels. Having a ligament tear seemed to be completely fine for me, apart from me not able to play my greatest passion anymore, until for sometime now. When I see ladies wear those pretty, cute, adorable heels, I wonder- Why can't I??!! I wish..!!! Wearing the best outfit you could ever get, wearing the matching bracelet and earring is just incomplete without those heels. So my next wish would definitely be to wear those out-of-the-world shoes to improve on my looks and first impression..Oh I wish!!!

Next in my list, would be to eat as much as my heart's will. And to be precise about the food..JUNK FOOD!! Being nearly a weight conscious person restricts me from eating the junk food to my heart's content. I would love to have all the burgers, pizzas, hot dogs, sausages, chips and what not..!! mouth is already watering.! But, yes I would definitely not want a huge body after all the hogging..Ah...I wish!!!

This is one of those wishes which I believe is closest to reality. But still, there is that what if's and but's..!!!So ya I wish I could vrooommmm on the road with my very own bike. And I am sure if ever I do, I would be better than the guys. Hmmm..Oh ya!!!

This is one wish I really really wish for. And the one farthest to reality. To witness a miracle. To believe that there is something called luck. Someone called God.. But, like how I mentioned in my first wish, I am believing in myself and that cute little angel of mine, that has always been to my rescue and has given me strength and power to bear everything. I am sure the angel would definitely show me a miracle.

A lot of these wishes of mine may seem normal for many out there.. But these small wishes mean a lot to me..!!


Priyanka said...

WOAH Deeps, I didn't even know you blogged... And I must say, nice one too=) Keep writing girl..

And nice list, hope you are able to fulfill ALL of those.
Btw,6 outta your seven wishes are mine too.. wish me luck too=)

Deeps said...

hey hi-5 on dat :)!!!and ya thanks a ton for the wishes..and all d best for you as well :)