Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fully Clad Queens

It is believed that the more skin you show the more sexy you look, which in turn attracts more towards you. However these ladies seem to still stick on to their traditional costumes for their everyday chores, and infact there are still few ladies who cover themselves completely even inside the four walls of their homes. Surprised?Please don't be. Oh and not to forget, they still are the most beautiful ladies I have come across. With minimal skin shown, they make us remember that even though no or little skin is shown you can grab the attention of anyone.
This robe of theirs known as the 'jalibyia' or commonly known as the abhaya, is made up of several layers of chiffon and are believed to be inspired by the Greek designed dresses. They come in different shapes and are also adorned with sequences and embroidery to beautify one-selves during occasions and festivals. 

 The 'hijab' or the head-scarf is used to cover the hair of the women. It perceives a repsiect to the woman from the society. In olden days, only women from the urban class covered their head, whereas, women from the rural class, nomads and prostitutes were asked not to. Thus the 'hijab' helps the society distinguish you from the respectable to the 'not's'. And they adorn their 'hijab's' with accessories which give them that extra look. However, nowadays almost every Muslim woman wears them. In other orthodox countries, like Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Kuwait etc, women also cover their face with a veil or 'niqab'which is another accepted norm in the Islam religion. However, nowadays, we find the newer generation cover only their heads, whereas the older women veil their faces as well, showing only their eyes. 

 So what gives them that extra look? They make-up themselves with natural cosmetics made by themselves at homes. They rarely switch to the chemically made cosmetics, and, perhaps that is why they look naturally beautiful. They wash their skin using indigo, which is crushed into a powder and is rinsed off with the leaves of becium dhofarense. Also, it is used on the face to decorate it with beautiful patterns during festivals. For moisturizes, they grind seeds of prumus mahled with the yellow pigment of carthamus tincturums flower. Also they adorn their hands with the beautiful mehandi designs, which is also made my crushing the leaves of the mehandi plant and made into a paste with water.
Even though only their eyes are shown, they show it prominently. That would probably be the feature of theirs that speaks the most. They protrude those speaking features with 'Kohl' or eye-liner, in modern language, which again is made at home. It is made from the frankincese or roots of arvea jevanica , and is applied using a small silver stick or wood. So, now you know what gives them those magnificent, ever speaking eyes!

Not to forget, they look amazing as brides as well.

I, as an Indian, have always adored the eyes of the Arabic women, and them as a whole. And, I can say with complete confidence, that they truly are queens that are fully covered!


Sujatha Sathya said...

yes, fully clad queens indeed.
oh the beauty rituals!
me too love their eyes - black, magnetic,dark

Deepthi said...

I am amazed this is my most popular post. I was walking around Muscat, remembering about Saudi, when I thought I would just scribble down something about their beauty. They truly are marvelously beautiful.

Viya said...

omg!! :) they have beaaauutiful eyes! :)
there used to be this girl in my class who was from a very orthodox muslim family and she never took out the veil ever! and hse had the most beautiful eyelashes and eyes even without the kajal!! i've neveeerr seen her face at all :| ..
There's something really mysterious about the burqa clad women ;) .. :)
i can't believe i never read this before! :) :)

The life-a-holic said...

@Viya: Truly, they have magnificent eyes!! It is like they speak through those eyes!! And thanks a lot dear :) *hugs*

Hakuna Matata said...

skin-showing do attract, but the wrong people !