Friday, March 16, 2012

"For Myself, Who else?"

“Why do you dress up so much?” “There is too much of kohl around your eyes.” “Does my face look too white?” “Women spend so much time in front of the mirror.” or “Why do women take so much time to dress up?”

A few questions a lot many women would have faced at some point of time. They could either be on the receiving end. Or they could also be the person asking the question. Well obviously the last two would probably be asked by members of the opposite gender.  

I have been asked many at times the first question, and to be on the safer and more ‘self-loving’ side I would answer, “To satisfy myself who else!” However, when I think about it later on I know the answer I should have said was “To create a good first impression to the person in front of me.” How about you ask this question to a young Muslim woman, clad in the traditional black burqa from head to toe? Personally I would say the apt answer for her would be “For myself, who else!”

Obviously it is for her and no one else. Why? Because she doesn’t expose any of her features to create a good first impression to a person who looks at her. A Muslim woman, especially in the Middle East, or should I say West Asia, is expected to adorn herself with the black ‘abhaya’ from top to bottom irrespective of what she is wearing beneath the burqa. It is a custom, and they are expected to follow it.

But any person who has seen a young Arab Muslim woman without the burqa would agree when I say that they are truly beautiful beings. Their eyes are probably the only feature that is allowed to be showed, and how prettily they beautify them. Those thick-kohl filled eyes are truly to die for. And once they remove those black clothes, you would probably feel ashamed with the way you are clad. They would be wearing the best of best clothes, and even if they were wearing normal attire, the way they carry themselves would just make us stare and awe. And their skin is so soft and clean, that you would wish you had the same skin.

But once they wear the abhaya, none of it is seen. So who do they dress up for? For themselves, who else!


the little princess said...

Ya true... At least SOMEONE thinks alike! I dress up just for myself , and I don't give a damn to what anyone may say about that...CHEERS!!

Viya ;) said...

So true!! .. half the time.. i'm so friggin lazy to dress up and have ended up goin out in pajamas and felt so ashamed at myself after seein how these pretty women adorn themselves! :) ...
i loovvee the way they enhance their eyes! :)

Confused Soul said...

I wonder what made you pen this down!

But I mist say Arab woman/Muslims are beauties and the way they beautify their eyes is marvellous!:)

Hazel said...

Aww this was great! I love the idea of dressing up for ourselves :)

Jen..The Butterfly Effect said...

That is so so true! Those Arab ladies truly have those eyes to die for!! I've seen many Arab women in Bahrain/Kuwait myself..radiating skin..MY! :)

Risha Kalra said...

So true and Even after knowing all of it, they never fail to dress beautifully!
Good one, bee :)

the other side of me said...

I like this post,basically I dress up for myself :) I dont need to impress anyone for that matter :D

Ashwini C N said...

I agree. First its always for the self, then for the rest!

Writing Bee said...

@thelittleprincess: Cheers :)

@Vi: Awww at times I dream of going out in my PJ's!! Most comfy clothes ever! And yes they beautify their eyes thoroughly beautifully!

@Shreya: Well no special reason to pen it down. I was lying down one night and this thought came along so down it came :D

@Hazel: One looks the best when they dress up for themselves!

@Jen: Very true :)

@Risha: I agree. They make the best out of what they have! Thank you for stopping by :)

@TOSM: Way to go babe :)

@Ashwini: Definitely self comes first. Everyone else can wait!