Monday, October 24, 2011

Love at its best

A strange feeling love is. You cannot live without it; neither can you run away from it. It is blind and can conquer any heart, but at the same time can bleed a lot many. It can heal any wound which was caused by love itself. We all curse it for following us and breaking our hearts, but the truth is that we run in search of love. It just listens to our call.

Jessica loved Tom more than her life. And so did Tom. They were complete opposites. He believed in a practical relation, while she believed in a romantic one. She believed in letting him know every single detail in her life, be it important or not, while he believed in keeping the conversations short. She believed in keeping him above everyone, probably even herself, while he believed in giving it time. But there was a difference. She doubted if the relation would last, while he was sure it would. Despite her being the romantic freak and the annoying bug, he kept it alive. She knew he loved her, because regardless of him not giving the relation much time, he valued it. “I love you a lot. I don’t know why I am behaving like this and I know I am not treating you and this relation well. But please do not leave me.” Those were his words to her that kept it alive. That made her believe that it would work, no matter how little time he gives her, because he would definitely run to her at the end of the day.

Ruby loved Jack. But so did she love Daniel. She loved the humourous Jack. She loved him for his strong wit, and a beautiful body. She loved him for the surprises he surprised her with every weekend. On the other hand, she loved Daniel for the sweet nothings he told her through his ‘talkative’ eyes on their romantic dinner dates. She loved the romance she shared with him, and the time he gave the relation. She loved him for understanding her so well, while she loved Jack for beating up the ‘gundas’ when they tried touching her one night. She loved the toughness in Jack, while she loved the serenity and calmness in Daniel. Did she wish she could get one of them with all the qualities, including those of the other? No. Because then they wouldn’t be Jack and Daniel.

They were more than sisters. They loved spending time with each other. Who would understand you better than a person who undergoes the same problems and worries as you? I guess that is what brought in love between Stella and Rose. They went to class together, rode home together, and shared their worries with one another, providing a caring shoulder to cry on. They offered each other with solutions to their problems, while making dinner together. They loved each other, despite the nasty stares from the neighbourhood. They understood each other better than anyone of the owners of those stares, so who would care about them?

Love is definitely strange. It could happen between complete opposites, people of the same sex, people with whom you used to hate detest till date, people you never wanted to even stand next to, an elder guy, younger guy, more than one person. It just happens. What matters is how true you are to the relation. It is not the time you give the person, though it is of very much importance, but if at the end of the day you think of each other before closing those tired eyes, I believe love is strong between the two of you. If you can pass through all the rough times and fights strong and with each other again, you have a strong love going on my dear!
Something I have always believed in

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