Wednesday, November 23, 2011


She could be young, or way too old,
She could be short, or a bit too tall,
She could be fat, or a *whistling* size zero,
She could be wise, or strong,
She could be caring, or a way bit too loving,
She could be emotional, or a bait to your sympathy,
She could be beautiful, or a bit too beautiful,
She could be anything, but she is still a woman.
And all she expects in return is a little bit of love, care and respect.
Is that asking for too much?
I really don't think so!


WonderWall said...

Short but really meaningful. :)

The life-a-holic said...

@WonderWall: Thanks a lot love :)!!!

Saru Singhal said...

Seriously, this is all we want after doing so much. Crisp and to the point.

Great poem with a profound thought!

The life-a-holic said...

@Saru Di: It feels sad that we should keep reminding them about it, when we get to understand their wants instantly!!
Thank you Di :)

Confused Soul said...

A few words make all the difference. This is good stuff.. Btw you're loved :)

The life-a-holic said...

@Shreya: Merci love :)!!!