Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Thought from the past

She clenched the letter with all of the strength she had. She read and re-read the words in the letter, inscribed by the love of her life. An unexpected sadness engulfed her, while the letter was meant to enlighten everything within her. There was a black out and her past became her present.

She was playing with her best friend, Sarah. Life seemed to be perfect, with a perfect family and a perfect school with the perfect teachers and friends. She was known to everyone, and loved too. Sadness was a rare visitor, only to be rushed away by the love from her parents. A mother, who loved her no matter what and stood by her in times of sorrow and happiness and a father, who guided her through the right path with the innumerable opportunities waiting to be unlocked by her. She loved going to school as it was truly her second home. Everyone was jealous of her, of her abilities, of her success in academics as well as extra activities. Boys meant nothing to her other than mere contemporaries in this strange yet beautiful life.

She never really believed in the saying, ‘nothing stays forever’ until then, since things definitely changed. As the location changed, so did her feelings towards life, relationships as well as boys. Maybe it was all part of the ‘age’, but she was not happy with the change. She felt a numbness that seemed to have been a part of her. She tried overcoming the sentiments, but it wouldn’t leave her side. She never really realized when she started having emotions to the opposite sex in a ‘wrong’ way. Yes, she considered them wrong, but she couldn’t help it. She tried running away from it, but it became a dreaded nightmare following every night’s sleep. When one left, the other would show up. She tried shooing them away, but they seemed to be stubborn dogs all set to bite away the life out her life. Happiness now seemed to be the rare visitor. But life had taught her so many bad and evil lessons that she forgot what true happiness meant. She forgot how to smile, how to laugh and how to live life.

Until, he kissed her on her cheeks. She looked at his eyes. She could see what true love meant. She could see she looked beautiful in those eyes, she could see the respect he had for her. She could see what true happiness meant when he smiled that sweet and caring smile of his. That smile, which always wiped out the worry from her heart. He bent on one knee, looked at her eyes immersed in her thoughts, smiled at uttered those beautiful words,

“On this birthday of yours, I would like you to give me a gift. Would you do me the greatest honour and be my wife for the rest of our lives, till our last breath?” The same words as was written on the letter.

And then, just in a wink life turned back to normal. Her past was long gone and her present was all that  mattered. 


Cяystal said...

A proposal, and such a sweet one at that.
This is the first time I'm reading you and I love the simplicity. :)

The life-a-holic said...

@Crystal: Thanks a lot :)!!

Saru Singhal said...

There is a smooth flow in this post. I read it and felt it was written with so much of a conviction.

Beautiful ending and it resonates the fact that nothing lasts forever...

Great writing!

Red Handed said...

So she is alone now????
That was such a cute way to propose..sigh!!

The life-a-holic said...

@Saru Di: Thanks a lot.. Means a lot..where you now btw??!! Still enjoying life at NY??!!

@Red: She is happily happy with her guy now *blush*!!! And why the sigh??!!!