Sunday, August 28, 2011

10 Day Challenge- Strike 9

Facebook is the 'in' thing for a long time now. Being an addict for a long time, and now being not available in Fb was a tough task. But I have achieved it. Though at time I do miss it. Reasons:

- Facebook is probably the only, and I actually mean only, way to know details about your friends, colleagues blah blah. A senior, and a close friend of mine, is getting married. I know the date and venue, despite she officially calling me. When I met her recently, I asked her if she isn't inviting me for the wedding. She said I had sent all of you an official message on Fb! Dude, how many times do I have to tell all of you I am not on Fb. Is that the only way to communicate with others? What more? Our teachers are informing us about seminars through Fb!!!

- I loveeeeeeee seeing pictures of people. They could be random strangers. As long as they are pretty, have superb dressing sense (can be and/or of the following), you can be sure I would have visited your profile at least once to admire your profile picture. In fact, if the profile picture is cute enough, I am in there for sure :P. But don't worry I have and never will create any problems for anyone. I have never copied any photos. I swear :D!!

- I miss people, actually. It certainly seems Fb is the only way to talk to people. I miss talking and chatting with people, day in and out.

I am definitely going to return to the Facebook world soon. Till then, life is as much good without it. I atleast got to know who my true, actual friends are. Cheers :)


Saru Singhal said...

I love and hate Facebook...It's like a dilemma to me...

Sujatha Sathya said...

i am a year old at FB and so far its been a dream run.

i too love browsing thru the albums of friends. can spend hours doing that. n i also love to comment on the photos. lovely timepass

u never mentioned what made u go off FB ? just a short break or something triggered it ?

Deepthi said...

@Saru : I totally understand what you mean.

@Sujatha: Well, I felt I was getting too addicted to it. You know. A point where you die to get back to your room to log onto Fb and crave to see what your friend would have next commented on your status is. And even keep thinking day in and out what your next status would be. So well, it is just a time off from that world to spend sometime to the real world outside :)