Tuesday, August 23, 2011

10 Day Challenge- Strike 4

Television is one of my weak point. Now more than ever, since I watch it very rarely now! So here are my three favourite tv shows.

1) Modern Family : One word to describe this show would be MODERN!!!Every family claims or hopes to be modern, but no family can be as modern as these people. I wonder how many families would accept their son to be a gay, accept their father to have a relationship with a woman as old as his daughter, and have a brother as old as your son. Phew. Now that's what I call a Modern Family! One show that helps me lighten up my mood no matter how down I am. And the thoughts given to us at the end of the show is just mind blowing!

2) Las Vegas : One SEXY show. The women just make you whistle your tune to the loudest ad the men are just..phew..so bloody hot!!!! I just love everything about this show. The location (obviously!!who doesn't like and dream of going to Las Vegas), the attires worn by the cast, the cast themselves (ha i could watch them all day long) and the Montecito Casino!!!

3) Emotional Atyachar : No liar can escape from these people. Every lover would think twice, or maybe even more than that, before cheating on their partner, thanks to these guys. The show would be unethical, against the culture of India and what not. But it completes it purpose to the fullest. However I would like to see one show where the partner under the loyalty test turns to be a true lover!

So voila, my three favourite tv shows!!!


Priyanka said...

Oh I love modern family, makes me howl every time:)

Deepthi said...

Yes it does. Especially Gloria's accent really makes me admire the Columbian-English accent! And Haley is really pretty :)