Saturday, January 22, 2011

Women-Sex symbols?

Are women just sex symbols for men to play around with. I feel disgusted when I hear men talk non sense about women. After all don't they have mother or sisters back home? How would they feel if someone talked the same about their mother or sisters? The recent article in Reader's Digest about a girl who wanted a divorce at the age of ten was shocking and heart rendering! A girl who had just reached the age of ten had got married, been raped, been beaten and wanted a divorce! None of us actually knew the meaning of torture at the age of ten. Whereas this girl had experienced every inch of that word before she had even learnt to live life. Her father had already had 16 children with one wife and wanted another wife with whom he had another 5 children. And the age of the man to whom she got married was 30!How exactly do men go asking for hands of such young children? And the worst part of it all was I was witnessing an almost same case right infront of me while reading this article. I was travelling in a train and infront of me there was a young girl who was pregnant for the second time. She had a son who was nearly 4 years of age. And the "husband" had wrinkles on his face and white hair on his head and beard. I felt disgusted and sad for that girl. And it seems there is a proverb in Yemen which states "For a guaranteed happy marriage marry a nine-year old girl"! What the hell! And probably because I live in an inner place and travel in a train a lot more nowadays and know several stories thanks to my course I feel this takes place in several parts of India as well, especially South India. A doctor raping a new born baby, a 64 year old man raping a 2 month old baby, 4 men rape a 3 year old girl! Where is the world moving to. Earlier it was women being raped and murdered, but now men seem to be so sexually obsessed that they do not leave small girls as well. Isn't there anyone to help these women, or better said girls from such ill treatment and torture. I really wish I could do something to stop these sexually obsessed men from spoiling these girls life. And I personally feel now, that other than our father and brother, there is no other man you can actually trust.

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