Monday, August 22, 2011

10 Day Challenge- Strike 3

Next in my list would be the three best moments in my life. These are three mindblowingly-super-fantastic events that made my life a lot more happier and gave more reason for me to live.

1) New Arrival : This would definitely be the first in this list. December 16, 2008. The day my nephew was born. Oh God, Nephew makes it sound so far. The day my boy was born is so much better. He caught my finger with his tiny little fingers and I promised him I would never let that hand go, no matter how big it grows. No matter if it is sun, wind, hay, or rain, as long as I am with him, I would not let anything hurt him. For more details on this very special day of mine, refer to It's a boy!!! post.

2) New Years Eve : Meeting your 2 bestest friends after 3 years would definitely be second on my list. Especially on New Years Eve. Probably the best New Years!! What made it ultra-special and cool is that we spent it at one of my friend's place with just the three of us. We lie down looking at the stars, cut the cake, spoke till 3 in the morning, slept cuddling each other to the fullest, spoke about old memories and new happenings in each other's life, danced like there was no tomorrow....Phew...I wish I would get back those two days.

3) Surprise Filled : Next in line would be my 20th birthday, which was filled with surprises. For more details, go back to Overload of Surprises. My friends made my day. Love you all for that :*

P.S: Trust me, it was really really very difficult to chose three out of the many superb events that made my life a lot more special.


Saru Singhal said...

It is indeed very difficult to choose between your best moments. :) Nicely written dear!

Deepthi said...

Thank you very much :)