Wednesday, August 24, 2011

10 Day Challenge- Strike 5

Movies movies movies...I could watch them for an entire day or even more. Next in queue are 3 of my favourite movies.

1) Walk to Remember : Romantic, cute, heart-breaking, eye filling.. The movie clearly depicts pure love between two individuals. From the beginning till the end, the movie does not really seem to be a movie. It seems to be more like watching two lives infront of you rather than a movie. You just wouldn't want the movie to end. And definitely not in the way that it ends. Your heart skips a beat in more than one scene, especially in those scenes where he tries his best to fulfill her wishes and when she is bed ridden and he takes care of her. The two characters have played their role so beautifully that any girl would just crave for a guy as sweet, caring and loving as Carter. The movie is just out of the world.

2) Bride Wars : I probably love this movie because it completely, in every sense, reminds me of my bestest friend ever. She studying for law makes it a lot more real to Kate Hudson in the movie. Stubborn, never wrong, strong, career-oriented, bold, fierce would definitely be the words I would use to describe Bhadra. The things they do to each other to get over with their revenge, despite which they end up being together at the end, describes true friendship. True, everlasting friendship.

3) Fashion : Priyanka Chopra, I so love you in this movie. One word to describe her in this movie would be SEXY! Especially the last scene, where she stands for 5 mins as the show stopper was truly the movie stopper scene. I don't really know if the movie brings out the true colours of the industry, but it truly brought out the 'Fashion' in me :P!


Saru Singhal said...

Great choice but I don't like fashion that much to call it my favorite movie...:)

Deepthi said...

Thank you. And well, I wanted to add a Hindi movie to my list, so Fashion was the first movie that came to my mind :)

Priyanka said...

Walk to remember... I'll never forget that stupid movie, made me cry so very hard :|

Deepthi said...

I guess it didn't spare anyone!!