Saturday, August 20, 2011

10 Day Challenge- Strike 2

Going through one of my fellow blogger's blog, I came across an article on food. Being in a hostel, with 'nutritious' food, it filled my mouth with water. Hence, my next challenge would be 3 chows that entertain my appetite well enough.

1) Burgers- They can fill my stomach at any time of the day. The only non-veg food I crave for, at hostel, are burgers. The more the cheese, the merrier! My order for the day, Chicken Burger with Extra Cheese please...

2) Chicken Biriyani- A Malabari hot chicken biriyani, served with cold salad?? Oh yes! I would definitely go out with someone who would offer me that. If it is home-made I would forget the word 'No' for a long time. Infact I would probably forget all the alphabets :P!!!

3) Maggi Noodles- You give it to me as breakfast, lunch AND dinner, I would be the happiest person. Add scrabbled eggs with it, and, voila delicious tasty maggi noodles is ready. No wonder I make a mess when I have to share it with my friends at hostel!!!

So herethey are, 3 mouth watering dishes that would make any dull day of mine THE best :)