Friday, August 19, 2011

10 Day Challenge- Strike 1

As put forward by my fellow blogger, here are my 3 most embarrassing moments. They really killed the hell out of me, to make a place in this space!

1) The Great Fall : Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. So did I. Imagine yourself falling in front of a hundred co-students, on the middle of the road, with your legs spread apart. Funny? Well yes that is what my friends felt when they saw me in this 'compromising' position! Not to mention, one of my most embarrassing moments ever. To see almost everyone around you laughing their heads off and you sitting 'helpless' on the floor like a kid!

2) The Purse Emptier : I never knew accompanying your best friend to the parlour would empty your purse to the last penny. My best friend accomplished in that task. She had gone for a pedicure, hand and leg wax and eyebrow shaping when I had nothing to do. No, I had started going to the parlour by then but had just visited it the week before. And so jobless, I decided to colour my hair. Yes, I know. Very wrong choice. Especially when you have not informed your mother about it, haven't asked the price before agreeing to the colour and the worst, having very little notes of money in your wallet. It cost me 860 and I had 500. I stood mouth wide open seeing the bill. My friend added a 300 to it, excluding her personal contribution to the parlour. Definitely second in my 'most embarrassing' list.

3) The Guitar Woman : My very first 'guitar' show at my very new school. The moment I get into the stage to play my weapon, my very dear seniors keep shouting and howling so that one among the howlers could play my weapon next on stage! Yes. He didn't have a guitar, he requested me to lend mine and was a part among the 15 'bullies' bullying me. It was a terrible and embarrassing moment then, but now one of the most happiest and funniest moment at school. Especially when the very seniors became a few of my favourite people in school, later on.

I hope you all have had a fun time 'imagining' my moments :P! 


Risha Kalra said...

It's just impossible for me to control on my laughter when someone falls, Damn, I so imagined you in that situation,ROFL :D

Nice read!

Love, Risha :)

Deepthi said...

I am glad another person adds on to the list of people who enjoyed my fall :P..

Welcome :)

Priyanka said...

:D Awesome... You HAVE been honest.

About the fall, where THE HELL was I? :D

Deepthi said...

I am so happy you were not around!! I can't imagine hearing your laugh as well..!!! :P..

~Serendipity~ said...

I somehow don't find it funny at all deepthi ;) I'm on your side, I'm more of a sentimental soul, I run forward to give a helping hand to that person :)

Nice sweet post :)

sathy said...

I remember the guitar and parlour incidences. But missed your fall. Dont get angry, to help u get up, of course

Kunnu said...

Ok...its good to be remember those embarrassing can laugh on it later. :)

Nice one..


Deepthi said...

@Serendipity: Glad to find someone like me :).. But I still would laugh remembering the incident :P

@Sathy: Amma don't I know you :P

@Kunnu: Except for the first incident, the other two were not at all funny at the moment it happened. But they definitely make my stomach pain due to the laughter :P