Sunday, November 6, 2011

Women are... A Realization

Everyone says women are pretty, beautiful, caring, loving, hard working, pleasant and what not. I agree. Completely. But from yesterday I would add a few more adjectives to the gender women. They would be selfish, self-centered and stubborn. Well, not all, but definitely a lot many of them. I am proud to be born a woman, rather than be one of those men who find nothing else better to do than stare at women with wide mouths from when they get to know the difference between men and women till they lie breathless under the ground. Or maybe, even then. I don’t know. I would do anything to empower and bring up women, and keep them at par as men. But, I was a very irritated disappointed and angry woman yesterday.

I was travelling back home from hostel for a gap of two days. I was planning to bunk a day off, but thanks to the All India Bandh, I have to cancel that! I really don’t understand what pleasure everyone gets in troubling the normal routine of individuals by calling a complete strike-out! Anyway back to what I actually wanted to convey through this post. So yes, I was travelling. And as always I was travelling in the ladies compartment. My parents and grandparents ask me not to travel in the ladies coupe, thanks to the Soumya murder case (those who do not know what the case is about, please Google it. I am sure you would get tones of controversies). But I find it the most comfortable place to travel in.

It was very crowded. In fact it was shit crowded. It usually isn’t that crowded, not in the ladies coupe at least. So there was this lady, middle aged, with a baby. Why exactly do people travel in such crowded trains with a small baby? Would it hurt to reach their home one day later, even at the cost of squeezing your little ‘kannan’ in between tens and thousands of people? So, I guess you people could imagine the roar coming out from that baby’s throat. ‘The Lady’ tried feeding the baby, but it didn’t really work. So, she called up her husband who was in one of the other compartments and informed him about the baby crying. Is a baby crying something new? Especially in a hell crowded train? And guess what, the husband and father of the roaring cub decide to do? Come along to the ladies compartment and caress the baby at the next station!

Thankfully, there was a Sane Lady with a little courage and dignity, and asked the husband to move on to the next compartment since that was a ladies compartment, which meant it was to be occupied only and ONLY by ladies! There was a small argument but he ultimately agreed to it and carried the baby along. And guess what ‘The Lady’ did. She started crying!! I have no bloody idea why she was crying. But she was. And there came along ‘The Rescue Lady’ who was the sister of the husband! God knows where she was when the baby was crying his heart out!! Here is a gist of the conversation.

The Rescue Lady to The Sane Lady: What did you tell her? (pointing to The Lady)

The Sane Lady: I asked her husband to get down from the ladies compartment and move on to one of the other compartments.

The Lady (still tears rolling down her eyes): Didn’t you see a crying baby out here? He had come only to look after him.

The Sane Lady: If that was the case the entire family can go to the general compartment. This is a ladies compartment and no gents are allowed.

The Rescue Lady: That man is this (The Lady) girl’s husband and my brother. He will not touch anyone. What would happen if the baby died? Like, seriously lady what were you thinking about!

The Sane Lady: I don’t want to know any of that. This is a ladies compartment, and no gents can come. If one person comes, for be whatever reason, other gents will come and ask us, “If he can get in, why can’t we”. What answer do you want us to tell them? If you want your husband to get into a ladies compartment, then what is the difference between a ladies and general compartment?

And so there was a huge debate on what is right and what is wrong! The conclusion I came to is that women would say any NON-SENSE to prove themselves right and would do anything that would favour them. I am sure these same women would oppose if some other man had gotten in! But there are some sane people out here too :P!

There is no use of women fighting for empowerment and equality, when there are specimens like these among us. Stand for the right, no matter what it is. Forget about the consequences, you can at least sleep peacefully at night!


Saru Singhal said...

Women are like that. I told you I had no fun travelling with ladies. I always keep mu mouth shut and read a book. You can't reason with half of the crowd.

Saru Singhal said...

Also, I keep quiet as I can't argue, its disturbs my peace of mind.

The life-a-holic said...

@Saru: Hmm very true but really very sad!!

TheBluntBlogger said...

WTF did that lady just do? Why can she not go and sit in the genral compartment and feed in front of men :-/

And seriously, she cried and they thought the baby could die....darn!

The life-a-holic said...

@TheBluntBlogger: Hahaha yes yes I know I know :D!! But I have no idea why she did any of those!!

Sujatha Sathya said...

this is too much

once a lady with an infant "demanded" that i should get up & let her sit. since she was rude, i didnt & she began to do a hungama that she has a baby & all. so i said, give me your baby,will sit her on my lap (my 4 yr daughter was sitting beside me). the lady refused. no no, my baby will not sit with others!! so i shrugged - then its your problem. go search for another seat or gimme the baby.
finally she gave her baby who was more than happy to sit on my lap & play with my daughter

some women do come up with strange excuses/demands and create a scene or fight for their so-called rights as they say. stupid

opal said...

nice blog

♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫ said...

Women are like that. They tend to get stupid and are dumb. That is why because of such women, the progress of others in the society remains stagnant.
Seriously, it wasn't like a general compartment does not exist! Ridiculous, i must say!

Nice post :)

The life-a-holic said...

@Sujatha Di: Strange!! Sometimes women just become strange!! Especially when it is to prove themselves right!!

@opal: Thank you very much :)

@Phil: Very true!! Women like these bring a disgrace to the entire community!!

SeĐĆendipity™ said...

Women are amusing. all the time but this was just too much. And travelling brings their worse side out.

Destiny's child... said...

These crazy things keep happening in crowded buses and trains. And it's really irritating. May be the lady didn't get into general compartment because it was crowded while they were boarding the train. But why cry?! :/

I somehow feel, both the sane lady and the mother were over reacting. If wouldn't have harmed them both to keep quiet! A crowded compartment is not really the place to discuss rules and regulations when a baby is wild and howling!

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

Gah! I can imagine the situation... SO annoying especially in a crowded compartment. There are a lot of women like that... and in such situations men are more understanding!

The life-a-holic said...

@Serendipity: Very true.. Women just turn into these zombies when they are travelling.. Especially in crowded conditions!!

@Destiny's child: She wouldn't have gotten into the general compartment because it was crowded. But does't really mean she can allow her husband too to follow along!!

@TheGirlAtFirstAvenue: It was sooo annoying!! Seriously