Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dear Men,

I write this on behalf of the entire woman population. You can show me examples of women who would disagree, but I am sure, deep inside all of them agree to this.
You assume and believe that you are the King of all. But are you the master of any one? You believe you have done enough and more of work at office that your attention, love and care is not called for at home. You get annoyed and irritated when your wife, mother, daughter or son for that matter, come and pile you up with the day’s worries and tensions.
Have you ever wondered and thought how it would be to wake up early enough to wake up all of the others at home, including you, make breakfast for the entire family, dress up your kids for school, give your tie that ‘special’ touch and kiss you off to work, clean the house, make lunch, wash and iron the clothes and water the garden? Also, to bring back your kids from school, make snacks for them, make sure they do their homework, and in the process get all the curses from them for pulling them from their play time, and sit them down to study, scream at them during the entire process, have a smiling face, in spite of all this, when you return from home? Get dinner ready ‘in’ time to fulfill everyone’s hungry appetite, wash the dishes and lie down with an aching back and head. Oh and not to forget, fulfill your desires once in bed! And you say home makers do not have any work!
Not to forget the tension and work load a working woman has to go through, in addition to all this. Now would you call yourself the ‘most’ hard-working person in the house?
  • What is it that makes you stare at a woman?
  • Is it the beauty? Or is it just because they have a bloated chest that differentiates them from you? Did you stare at them, when you were fed by your mother as well?
  • What makes you comment and sing dirty songs when you see a woman in sari?
  • Why do you try peeping in through the last layer of pallu to see that tiny inch of flesh, which you could very well see if you took off your shirt?
  • When you get back home to a loving mother, wife or sister, would you do the same to them as well? How would you feel if someone would blow a dirty amount of air towards your mother, sister, wife or daughter?
  • Why is it that you can go around sleeping with as many girls as you want, and you are considered a hero and macho-man?
  •  At the same time when a woman does the same she is given a special name ‘prostitute’ and is considered a disgrace to the society. Why the difference?
  • Why is it that there is a test to verify and confirm if a woman is a virgin or not, when you can have all the fun you want before or after marriage, and no one need to question your virginity?
  •  We all talk and preach about equality among the two genders. But where exactly is equality?

A woman could be caring, loving, and protective till the end of her life. But once, you aggravate her, she could be your worst nightmare for a lifetime. Or maybe even for more. She could be the most blessed asset or the worst curse for you.


Priyanka said...

Superb. I couldn't have put better. I want men to answer these questions. Linking to this.

Deepthi said...

The entire frustration of a day put into words :P! And thank you :)

Indumathy Sukanya said...

You know...men might not be smart enough to THINK so profoundly...they take things for granted..just like they have been doing for eons...

Saru Singhal said...

Very well written, starting was nice, entire gamut of questions were super and ending mind blowing. Last line is excellent.

Deepthi said...

@Indumathy: I agree men do think they are way smarter than they actually are.

@Saru Di: Thank you so very much. Really means a lot :) :) :)

Sujatha Sathya said...

the questions almost wrote themselves out. outburst articulated clearly!

the second question: i can almost see men choking on that one

Deepthi said...

I hope it happens because that is what is expected out of all of them..

Arumugam said...

As the first guy commenting on this post,I feel a lil apprehensive:-)

Eve teasing is pathetic,and so is double standards regarding premarital sex and yes,woman are highly under appreciated in India.Kudos to them for multitasking..

There is though one thing which is not quite so black and white.There is a lot of gray shades involved."Female beauty".Beautiful women do turn heads and most use them well to get what they want.Men often take the rap for being sex crazed in a very unfair way...If a man strips,he is arrested,but if a women strips,she is on the centerfold of Playboy magazine earning millions of dollars??

Men are turned on by curves/breasts,simply because they cant help it.A civilized man glances appreciatively and an uncivilized man gapes...thats the only difference. It is simply a biological imperative and if men were not so sex crazed willing to risk so much irrespective of their education,position (remember bill clinton?) the species would die out(men and women included) Contrary to however we may wish otherwise,Lust is the only reason you and me and everybody came into existence...

Deepthi said...

I am very thrilled and excited seeing a guy comment on this post. In a positive way definitely.
Lovely to see a guy appreciating women for their multitasking capability.
And yes, I agree when a woman strips she is considered worth million dollars and when the men do it they are arrested. But you mentioned such a woman would be published on Playboy, and not in Femina or Elle. Again to finish off with men's sexual craze?
I do not disagree with your last part. But why show the lust to every Tom, Dick and Harry, when you can show it truly and completely to just one person? Why the desperation to fulfill your 'craziness' before the time has actually reached?

Red Handed said...

We girls think sooo similar..Even i wrote a letter to MENkind recently..A bit of humour take though and i too questioned the whole virginity thing.
Btw even i would like to know how these eve teasers and rapers would react if the same happens to the women from their families. Great read!
check mine out too if possible...


The life-a-holic said...

@Red Handed: Thank you very much and welcome :)!. Will go through your post right away :)!
And I guess a girl's best friend and worst enemy is a girl herself :P

confused soul said...

The questions should really make the men feel ashamed. But they are like dogs, their tails are never going to be straight.. This whole specie or may I say some in the clan, really makes my blood boil.. Bloody perverts! Well-written. And I'd wriiten something on the same lines, a while back.. If you want, you can read it here. :)


The life-a-holic said...

@confused soul: I must say it is just some in that huge clan who are perverts. Like I said before, there are quite a few who are of the opposite nature and know how to respect women for who they are. Unfortunately they just seem to be invisible to the large number of perverts! And yes I am off to check your post :)