Monday, July 4, 2011

You look Beautiful…

Lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, compact, nail colour, eye shadow, face wash, moisturizers, hand cream, face cream, nail cream, sun block lotion. Oh, I could go on forever, on the agents that accentuate one’s beauty, or helps highlight the elements that accentuate one’s beauty, or renovate the elements that stand in between you and your beauty. Beauty is definitely a subjective quality differing from one person to the other. What beauty is for me may not identify as so for another. Beauty for me is the ‘mother’ figure. Is it for you?
Nine terrible, painful and anxious months. No one can really understand this feeling except for a mother. Or rather an expecting mother! The moment when a woman meets her gynac to confirm her doubts, is as tension filled as when she meets the very same gynac with the help of whom she brings a new life to this world. Oh, and not to forget the nine horrific months in between. 

While the entire world around her is excited about a new member joining in very soon, she experiences hormonal changes that make her angry at one point and sad at the other. Anxious now and tensed the next second. I wonder how that feels. To have a frown on your face at one second and a wide smile the next. It sounds scary enough. The change of diet and at times the hogging seen is quite funny to the outside world. However, imagine the amount of calories that body is carrying, along with the baby. Needless to mention, your size zero would definitely have gone through a nasty roller coaster ride by the end of it. On the other hand, some people would die for some food at this time. The shooting of the sugar and pressure level refuses them to have anything. Even the normal routine diet her body was enjoying before the added attraction inside the body! Not for a month, nor a two. A complete nine month diet! What a contrast! For whom? For that one tiny soul that has not even entered the evil world. The tiny kicks and boxing from the young one reminds her that her life is going to change like she never expected it to. For better or for worse.
Thankfully, God has been sweet enough. He/she; I have not really made up my mind if God is a strong male figure, or a fragile female figure. Anyway, God has made the young one, who is now out of mommy’s protective belly, so energetic and naughty, that the mother is sure to lose all the extra calories she gained during her expecting period. The toddler runs haywire around the house, throws and breaks things, shows his/her creativity on the walls, eats food he/she is not allowed to ultimately leading to illness.

OMG!! What a pain! Oh, not for a mother. You know why? Because that restless, ‘creative’ piece of life came from within her. She finds a part of herself on that innocent face. And why wouldn’t she? After all, she fed it, rocked it to sleep, felt it even before the doctor had a chance to bring it to this world. She wouldn’t mind running behind the restless kid, buying all new stuff, thanks to the kid’s energy, repainting the entire wall and looking after him/her, be it day or night. You know why? Because that kid is her life now!

I guess the alphabet ‘T’ is a nightmare for every mother. Because it represents two of the most important yet worst stages in their child’s growth. Toddlerism and Teenagerism. “I am grown enough to look after myself”. A quote I am sure, every mother with a teenage child, be it from the highest status of living to the lowest, would hear ATLEAST once in a day. If the child is a girl, the number of times the quote is chanted would vary drastically. But who would know what is best for that child and what is not, more than the very same person through whose eyes you saw this world before being a part of it? After all she knew what was best for you when you were just a combination of ova and sperm. So why not now? Do you know how much a mother suffers when her child is angry at her? Do you know how let down she feels when all she wants is to spend some time with her child and the child runs away screaming, “My friends are cooler”? Do you know how much it hurts to see her child hurt or to hear something bad about her child? I don’t think anyone except for a mother can answer a ‘yes’ to any of these questions. Personally, I feel her child’s silence is the greatest pain a mother can face. But no matter how much her child ignores her or finds her shameful to present in front of his/her friends, for a mother her child is always the best, the most beautiful.

I don’t really think the worry about her child ever leaves a mother. Even if the child is a parent themselves, she would always want her child to be happy, safe and successful. And she would go to any level to make her child the same. But no one really realizes the worth, until they become a parent themselves. Luckily, for a mother that time is never too late. All she would want to hear from her child, at least once would be, “Mom, you are beautiful”!

P.S: Amma, you have been with me through my worst times. There are times when I have put you through hell. But you have always been a true support and were and will remain to be the bestest friend I have ever had. There’s not a thing that I have not told you. Well sometimes it’s after the whole incident, but I do tell it to you. And there are times, when I have people all around me but I still feel lonely, because I miss you. Just wanted to tell you I love you and that I really respect you from the bottom of my heart.

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