Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Best Friend...

This was probably the first 'article' I must have written. Well, you can't really call it an article. But anyway, just came through it, and thought I would share it. 

"Heaven must be really small, because I can see it in my mother's eyes"- an innocent quote, told by a young boy to his mother, but with a lot of meaning. A mother can be one's best friend, best guide or the best moral support one can have during times of need. the first face that comes to a child's mind during times of pain, sorrow, as well as happiness is that of his/her mother. This first word that a child utters when he/she is hurt is "mother", be it any language. And the first person one tends to miss the most once they are away from home is their mother.

I too am no different from other kids. My mother has been with me from when I can remember. She fed me when I was small, taught me lessons from the textbooks when I went to school, told me about her experiences and warned me about the different species in this confusing state called life, when I was a little bit bigger, corrected and showed me the right path when I was wrong. In a nutshell, during every small event in my life, my mother stood by me, with a shoulder ready to be wet thanks to my tears, a cozy lap ready to bear my head so that I could sleep peacefully and a safe chest to hug on to when needed.

It is quite a popular fact, that boys are more close to their mother and girls to their father. However, in my case, I am a bit more closer to my mother. This is probably because my father, physically, stayed away from me due to work reasons for a very long time. However, whenever my father and myself were together, we had a jolly good time.

I have gone shopping with my mother, tried my best to go hand in hand with her at the kitchen, played with her, had long talks with her and have asked her opinions on various things. But now that I am here, in India, and she is in Muscat, I guess, the distance has played its part. I meet her around twice in a year, once for a few weeks and the other for around two months, and the maximum time I get to talk to her is five minutes, thanks to the scorching call rates. Internet is the only way through which I actually 'talk' to her. But you can't really call that talking can you?

I have heard several of my friends have fights with their mothers and bang the phone to get rid of their frustration. I too used to fight with my mother almost throughout the day and at times at night as well. However, with the distance, and the meager time I get to talk to her, fighting definitely seems out of the question. But, I guess the saying is true, you fight the most with those whom you love the most. But nowadays, when I lie down to sleep, I wish she was there next to me, my best friend, my mother.

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