Wednesday, December 29, 2010


The first symptom of a successful delivery is the cry of the new born. A baby cries for his/her mother when he/she needs something. A child cries when someone scolds at him/her. A girl cries when her boyfriend is angry with her. A wife cries when her husband is annoyed with her. Why exactly do people cry?
The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the word ‘cry’ is the lyrics of the song ‘Cry Cry ithna cry, karthe hai kaiko’ from the movie Jhoota hi sahi. I guess even the music director has the same doubt as mine as it asks the world through his song, why do people cry so much? Well, one of the reasons could be a need for something. When a baby cries, it wants something from the other person, which is why it cries. It cries when it wants milk, when it is hungry or hurt. It wants an emotional touch from someone, be it anyone, and thus it cries. Another reason could be a feeling of dejection or hurt. Someone cries when they are hurt due to some act performed by another person, mostly a person who is dear to the ‘crying’ person. But is it right to say ‘Boys don’t cry’ when a male individual is seen crying. It is often seen that boys who cry are made fun upon. But why? Don’t they too have feelings and want a feeling of love or compassion once in a while? Or maybe the female population is just showing their inequality with men that they are meant to cry for small things and since it is, even now, an unequal country in terms of gender, males are not supposed to do the same thing as women. Hence they are not supposed to cry! A friend of mine cries for God alone knows what all reasons! I wouldn’t even want to know the reasons because I know for sure half of them are irrelevant and don’t need her to be crying. But she does. Is it because that is the only thing she can do? Or is it because it creates a feeling of sympathy towards her? I have heard many guys say that their weakness is women crying. Maybe this is one of the main reasons why women cry! Because that is the only way they can defeat men?
I really don’t know why people cry. Maybe it is for a selfish motive. Maybe not. You are free to enlighten me to the reason why people cry. I too cry, sometimes because I am hurt, and sometimes, for silly matters, which unfortunately I realize later on after wasting lots of large chunks of teardrops. But later on I sit down and think as to why I cried, or why I cry, and I remain blank! Some people say crying cleans your eyes. Maybe that’s why! Ahh… I don’t know!!! But after all aren’t tears too water droplets and shouldn’t they too be saved as each drop of water is precious?


Sujatha Sathya said...

saving tears because its water!! water conservation take to new heights haan Deepthi?
nice post. but well what to say for the question why we cry? i cry because if i dont the hurt & sadness will stay inside me & i will go insane

The life-a-holic said...

@Sujatha Di: Hahaha... I can't believe you actually went through my old posts and commented. That's the sweetest thing anyone could to me :)! Well I too cry. And yes the sadness definitely reduces, though not the hurt. But do things really solve by crying. I do not know! They haven't for me though :P