Sunday, February 26, 2012

What if I don't?

A friend of mine was reading my blog few months back, in fact last year, and out of the blue she asked me to watch the movie Julie and Julia. I asked her what the movie is about, and she told me it was about how a woman, passionate about cooking, starts a blog and finds life being a lot more worth living and fun. I don’t know why, but it enlightened an instant spark and I went around asking every Tom, Dick and Harry if they had the movie. Not to mention I finally got the movie last night from my friend herself.

I saw the movie and my oh my was my body filled with goosebumps. I am sure I will not do justice to the movie if I read a movie review, and more importantly this is not a movie review. I don’t really know if my friend asked me to see the movie because I wrote quite a few recipes and cooking related posts then, but I actually felt a lot connected to Julie Powell. I am not very happy with where I am now, and how my life is moving on. I miss being with my parents, with my best friend, miss chatting with my sister and in fact miss a lot many things. I love to write, and feel complete, content and happy when I do that, and so the blog. Though I don’t really know how well you all think about it.

The first few months I started a blog, I felt like I was invisible and not very many people saw or heard or read me. And I used to keep whining to my mother day in and day out that my followers list would just  not rise beyond 10. And she asked me if I was writing to become famous or because I loved it. And voila I had my answer. Then all I wasn’t very concerned about increasing my followers list, though I still get very excited when I see one more added in my list. After all you want comments to improve, don’t you?

And now my mother gets very happy when I tell her about my blog. I remember once when I had written a post about how my mother reads my blog, I had got a few comments from shocking friends asked if my mother actually read my blog and that they would rather die if their parents went through their blog. How could I not let my parents read them? They are the reason for it to begin and grow.

I would really really like to thank Priyanka for helping me out with the way my blog looks and in a way helping me gain a lot more followers. We do have personal problems, but when it comes to writing I cannot and will not lie, you are a maestro in it.

Everytime I think of starting something new, I always ALWAYS have the question ‘What if I don’t complete it’ roaming around my head. And most often I do not complete it. For example, I was extremely excited in starting a new year calendar, which I have completed. But I am just too lazy to get it spiral bound and flaunt it on my study table. So nope, I have not completed it! But who knows maybe someday I too might be like Julie Powell, and my answering machine would be filled with a lot more than 64 messages, lol! I will always have my mother as Erik to push me through!

P.S: As of now please pray that I do an ok job of the seminar due tomorrow. I am so very tensed and scared (nothing new though) and I am sure I am going to make a fool out of myself, like always. Now you know what I meant when I was talking about my confidence level!


Sahana Rao said...

What an insight you have about yourself girl.. Writing needs a lot of reading as well. There we grow everyday.
And about family reading the blog! That is where I get my first appreciation from!

Confused Soul said...

I haven't seen the movie, but I think I wanna see it. ALso I agree with Auntie.. Why increase followers? DOes it matter? U write to vent out your feelings.. I rmbr I too felt bad when I had no followers, but then it doesn't bother me anymore..

Anyway good luck with the seminar.. you'll be great :)

Hazel said...

Aww good luck with the seminar tomorrow! And mother's are awesome :)

Jahn 'n Style said...

haven't watched the movie...and now I want to :)

Writing Bee said...

@Sahana Di: So true. Only with reading does your knowledge and language improve. And the first, in fact only person I tell once I finish writing a post is my mother :)

@Shreya: I too don't care about increasing my followers anymore :)!! And thank you so much love. I hope I do too!

@Hazel: Thank you so much. And they are the best, aren't they :)??!!

@Jahn: Aww you should. I am sure you will like it :)

PeeVee™ said...

It's all been you, Deeps, no hand of mine... Honored though :)

And good luck with the seminar, hopefully both of us will make it through without embarrassing ourselves too much :D

SeĐĆendipity™ said...

My mother has never read my blog but I'd be happy if she reads it someday :)
And you personally know priyanka ? I didn't know ;);)

the little princess said...

I have been reading your posts , and I think you have a unique style of expressing yourself which I find very endearing... I esp. like the "P.S." moments after each blog!! following you!!

Upasana said...

What an insightful post on yourself !! First few months are difficult, whenever we do something.The same applies to blogging.As for Julie and Julia, I love that movie!! I could relate to it completely as well! And Meryl Streep is just mind blowing!!

Viya ;) said...

I loveee that movie!!! :D :D

the first 2 times i watched it, i couldn't sit beyond 10 mins.. but i dunno what happened the 3rd time and i fell in love with the movie! :D :D

and i reallly reaaallyy hope your seminar went well! :D

CD!!! said...

Yay...I watched the movie and I loved it:) Hope you did well in the seminar and Mommy's are the best(though she doesn't know that I have started blogging :( Gonna tell her soon :)

Writing Bee said...

@PeeVee: Thank you so much, and no comments on the seminar :|!!!

@Serendipity: Oh you should. I am sure she will proud of you :)! And yes, she is my class mate :D!!

@thelittleprincess: Thank you and welcome to a rocky but fun ride :)

@Upasana: Exactly it was just beautiful!!

@Vi: I am surprised it didn't connect the first two times. But I am glad it did the third time. Better late then never :P

@CD: Thank you :)

Saru Singhal said...

What a coincidence! I was talking about this movie to my friend today. Meryl Streep won Oscar and she stars in that movie and I was telling my friend the movie is based on two true stories.

Good to know more about behind the scenes of your blog. And, hope the seminar went well...

Writing Bee said...

@Saru Di: She has done a massively great job. In fact both of them have done such a superb job that I wouldn't mind seeing the movie another time!

My Never Ending Thoughts... said...

Blogging is such a great experience.. I have started living each moment of my life since I started blogging. Every small incident that happens to me I feel like writing it and keeping it as a treasure in my digital diary :)

Hope your seminar was good:)

the little princess said...

An award for you!! Enjoy!!

Anupama K. Mazumder said...

Well written.

Yes, one wants to reach out to people, isnt it?

And yes, its very nice that your ma reads your posts... and why not?

Writing Bee said...

@MNET: Oh I completely agree. Every small detail in my life, every small thing I see or place I go to, I think of how to write it on my blog. Lack of time is another thing though :|!!

@Thelilttleprincess: Thank you so much dear :)

@Anupama: Definitely every single person wants to reach out to the other person in some way or the other. And what better way than through writing!

Ana_treek said...

Like your can add one more follower to your count :)

Writing Bee said...

@Ana: Thank you and welcome :)