Monday, January 2, 2012

A Letter for answers

Dear God,
You have been extremely kind with me for the past one year. Though, I should not miss out on the last few months, where you turned out to be a quite rude and arrogant. But I guess it was all to make me a lot stronger for the coming year. I know we do write love letters to each other, and I love you a lot, but this letter is a little bit formal, filled with a few questions, or should I say,,doubts from this lover of yours.

1) In my previous letter you had guided me through this problem. But despite chanting all possible prayers and closing my eyes to the maximum possible, why is it that on certain days I am unable to sleep in my bedroom? At the same time, when I go and sleep next to my parents, you carry me over to wonderland in no time.

2) You had asked me to cook my heart out during this vacation, and I did. I promise you I did. But why is it that chopping onions always, and I mean ALWAYS, make my eyes water? I have tried all methods. Keeping the onion in the refrigerator for some time, even keeping a match stick in my mouth. But it is not working! HELP...

3) You promised me you would take complete care of me and love me till the end, and you do keep up to that promise. But at times you seem to have completely forgotten all of that and you bring along people who have no other role in my life, but to hurt me. You know I am very happy with you by my side, and the most caring family and the most lovable friends. Then why bring along such people, who do not care about me, and about whom I do not care one bit?

4) You know luck is a very important thing for everyone. So why is it that you have given this very important ingredient to one cook in abundance, when the other person has not even a teaspoon of this? Don't they have to make their life sweet and sour as well? Same goes with money. Why is it that some people are heaped with so much money that they don't know what to do with it, while there are millions of people out there who don't even have the money to have three proper meals in a day?

5) Why is it that every time I love some one deeply and truly, you have to make it a point for them to break my heart?

P.S: I still love you a lot, and will be back to my old self in my next letter! Hoping for a reply soon :)!

A true lover.


SeĐĆendipity™ said...

Send me all the pictures at :) And your header shall be ready :)

Anonymous said...

Writing letters to God, how truly magnificent. I absolutely loved this post. There are so many things that our Father does that we do not fully understand, and yet we can live safe in knowing that he loves us and knows what is truly best for us. Continue to write your wonderful thoughts!

By the way how did you create those cute tabs at the top of your blog?


Writing Bee said...

@Serendipity: Have I told you what an amazing sweetheart you are :)!!! *hugs*

@Diana: Thank you so much.
Go to design, on the left hand side there will be an option called Pages, and those cute tabs are all yours :)!!

Hazel said...

Aww I hope you get the answers to all these questions!

As for chopping onions, try chewing on a bit of bread crust as you chop them. I've never tried it myself but my gran uses this method lol

Writing Bee said...

@Hazel: Oh let me try that up now :)!!!

Confused Soul said...

Oiii this is so cutely written .. I like :D

Writing Bee said...

@Shreya: :D

Sujatha Sathya said...

aaah! i am sure God must have been speechless! so innocently you have asked some very imp questions. i really liked the idea of writing out to God - novel one

Writing Bee said...

@Sujatha Di: Aww thank you so very much :)