Friday, December 30, 2011

Back to where I was

Yesterday was indeed a terrific day. I had a weird feeling in between since my sister was in a bad mood, thanks to Baby, and Amma got angry because I had a late lunch, thanks to my blog birthday post!
But finally it turned out to be super superb!
Achan insisted we take Baby to the park, and we did. I guess I enjoyed more than him, because I bought a bubbles bottle and roamed around the entire park blowing bubbles. It felt so good, felt like I was a kid with no worries nor tensions. Life was so much better than, wasn't it? I am sure all of you would have got that forward, which I don't really remember completely. But indeed it was the best time, when all that hurt were wounded knees and when the tallest and highest position we ever wanted to be in was on Daddy's shoulders. We ended the day with hot garlic bread and a game of Scrabble. In fact, it has been a routine at home to end the day with a game of coins. Baby is a lot more excited in playing that since he can go around giving everyone the required number of coins, in each turn. I seldom win, thanks to Achan's exemplary vocabulary. But it is always fun.

So I am planning to spend NYE with a movie and making a 2012 calendar. What do you think?


My Never Ending Thoughts... said...

Spending time with Babies is d best feeling ever. We do all the possible things we can to entertain the baby, never mind even if v look like a fool doing it:)

P.S: A Very Happy New Year to you dear. May dis new year bring a lot of such good and happy days for u along wit it:)

Confused Soul said...

That will be quie a sweet NYE..but you forgot wishing me :P .. hehehe..

And yes it's fun to be a kid.. you just get to be yourself..I loved playing with bubbles too.. :)

Destiny's child... said...

A calendar? Sounds fun...

Indeed, childhood was a no worries period. Easily, the best time. :)

Happy New Year!

Nia said...

i remember those days when i use to buy the bubble soap bottle, and blow huge one's in the park during my evening walks! Childhood was indeed precious :-D

SeĐĆendipity™ said...

Have a very Happy New year Deepthi :)

Sujatha Sathya said...

Tanvi LOVES the bubbles bottle too :)
you know when her see all happy & jumping with that bottle blowing bubbles, i feel it is very true that children don't really care much for expensive gifts. she can spend hours with it & gives me lot of 'pappies' every time i get her that bottle

so there is one more little girl loving the bubbles bottle too - Deepthi :D

Saru Singhal said...

Bubbles and garlic bread...I love it! Great watch a movie, I saw MI4 yesterday:)

I am going to Atlantic City to celebrate NYE:)

Wishing you and your family a very happy new year:)

Viya said...

Blog buhhday?!!
Whennenee???!! oh man! :| i have soooo much catchin up to do!!!
Haapppy buhhdaayy to your bloogggg!! :D :D
I looveee playin with soap bubbleess!! :D :D
teehee.. i bought some tooo recently :D :D
ooh which moooovvvie?? ;)
Me plannin to celebrate with a cakkkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D :D lol..

Writing Bee said...

@MNET: Definitely. I would go to any extent to make my nephew happy. Even if that means making myself look like a clown. Thank you so much dear, and wish you the same :)!

@Shreya: How could I forget to wish you love :)!!!

@Destiny's Child: Let's see how the calendar turns out :D!!

@Nia: Oh yes that was the most precious time. I used to feel so happy when I could blow a big bubble. Even my nephew was laughing his heart out then :).

@Serendipity: Thank you so much and wish you a very happy new year :)!!

@Sujatha Di: Yes yes. I love bubbles soap bottles. I was running towards it like a small baby :P!! And yes, Kannan was so happy while blowing them, felt so happy seeing him :)

@Saru Di: How was MI4?? Have a wonderful NYE and wish you a happy new year :)

@Vi: Yes you have so much to catch up on. Where have you been??!! Not decided which movie!! You making the cake??!!!

The Lover said...

Ahh bubbles are awesome :)

Happy new year :)

Awesome blog, pweez check mine out:



Writing Bee said...

@The Lover: Happy New Year to you too :)!!!

Jessa Belle said...

The bubble pic is so darling! Glad your day ended up being such a success! Happy New Years!

Love & Lollies... Jessa

Confessions of the Cupcake Countessa

Writing Bee said...

@Jessa Belle: Thank you so much and wish you a very happy new year!
Thank you for stopping by :)