Monday, December 26, 2011

Two sides of a coin

You might be stronger, or outnumbered
But I believe in less is bliss
What exactly is the use of a hundered people surrounding you, when you are indeed alone
What is the use of being around people who don't have the courage
And the consciousness to speak out the truth
There might be a lot, but
You are alone
There is so much anger left inside
That I have to vent out, sooner or later
Anger of overreacting, anger of accusing, with no proof
I had proof, but you were too reluctant to know my part of the coin
There are two sides to every coin, my love
There is so much of lamenting to be done
But I guess you don't deserve any of them
Like someone said
"People who don't want to know you
Don't deserve to know you".


Rohit said...

Thought provoking.I could relate to it.

Writing Bee said...

@Rohit: I am happy you could. Thank you for stopping by.

Confused Soul said...

Sometimes that's the way of life. I agree it's about the choices one makes.. Then again, you need people around you, no matter how they are..

All in all nice post :)

Writing Bee said...

@Shreya: I agree we need people around us. No one can live alone, how much ever we wish. But I still don't understand how people, including me big time, can believe someone so openly that finally it turns out to be hurt and nothing else!
But thanks anyway :)

♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫ said...

Inspiring and uplifting :) Why bother over the ones who don't deserve to know you :)

Writing Bee said...

@PhilO: Definitely. People who can't bear you at your worst, don't deserve to know you at your best as well!!

Sujatha Sathya said...

have felt that multiple times - surrounded by people yet all alone

last line - perfectly true

Writing Bee said...

@Sujatha Di: That is probably the worst feeling one can feel right!??

My Never Ending Thoughts... said...

Lovely Post. Even I cud relate myself to it. Keep Writing:)

Writing Bee said...

@MNET: Thank you dear :)

Alcina said...

Exactly..nicely penned down..with a great message! :)

Afixxion Addixt

Writing Bee said...

@Alcina: Thank you so much :)

Destiny's child... said...

You said it. Those who don't want to know you, don't deserve to.
Keep writing :)

Saru Singhal said...

Been there many times, surrounded yet alone. Profound words...

Happy Anniversary to your blog:)

Writing Bee said...

@Destiny's Child: Thank you :)!

@Saru Di: Youare the first one to wish me :) :) :)!!!! Thank you so much

Mark said...

That was great, and I could relate to it. I know more than one person who hasn't taken the time to actually understand my side of the story. Probably never will now. Plus I can surround myself with people and still feel alone.

Gayatri said...

The last line = perfection :)


Writing Bee said...

@Mark: Sometimes it becomes too late and irrelevant to explain yourself. Then it's better to just keep mum. Thank you so much for stopping by :)!!

@Gayatri: Thank you :)