Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Normal day and a few Realizations..

Well now that I am Home home, I have been enjoying my time to the fullest. Today was the first day that I have had to spend fully, yesterday being too drowsy and lazy spending most of the time cuddling inside the blanket. My body was getting used to the cold :P! Few things I realized today 
  • I miss college more than I thought I would. Well for obvious little reasons, thought I wouldn't want to get back to that place anytime soon.
  • I miss my old wavy hair. Shit people make mistakes, and I make tonnes of them!
  • Cooking is actually damn fun. If you have a person to help you out (like my mommy the great), it can be a lot more fun.
  • Decorating a Christmas tree for the very first time was super exciting. Few more stuff to add on to it and I will be posting a picture soon :D!
  • I have actually grown thin! I bought a few awesome tops today and the size I usually buy was loose for me!! Yupppiiieeee....
  • I agree with guys watching porn and stuff. Well it's part of their genes isn't it? But I do not, or should I say DO NOT agree with guys videotaping girls, without their knowledge, and enjoying the tapes later on. Very bad boys, very bad!
  • I get tensed really really fast. And at most times it turns out to be for nothing.

So well yup that's it for now!! Made Palak Paneer today and it came out really good :D


Hazel said...

Can't wait to see your Christmas tree!

I miss my long hair too. That's why I'm letting it grow again!

And I agree with guys watching porn too, it doesn't offend or disgust me at all lol!

Saru Singhal said...

Ah what realizations:) Good that you have lost. Look at me, I am putting on and on. Dish came out really well, so mouth watering:)

Writing Bee said...

@Hazel: Yes me too!! Letting it grow as much as possible.. But it is growing sooooooo slow :(!!!

@Saru Di: I am glad I did too :P!!! And who cares about weight when you can travel so much like you.l I wouldn't mind :P!!! And thank you, the dish came out superb :D!!

Atrocious Scribblings said...

Looks like a nice start to your holiday.

Have to agree with you on the Cooking, Growing thin part(Hostel life does that) and the porn :P.

The Palak Paneer looks dreamy, you are a bad bad person for making me drool first thing in the morning.

Cheers :)

Writing Bee said...

@Atrocious Scribbling: And I am sure you would agree with the porn part more than anything :P!!! And I am really really sorry for watering your mouth early in the morning, but I am sure it was a good way to start your day huh??!! :P
Thank you for coming by :)

Sujatha Sathya said...

quite a few interesting realizations there :)
agree with u totally on the boys & videotaping shit. porn go ahead if u want to but why the recording nonsense? cheating it is - the worst kind

ah! pics of home-made food makes me hungry :(

Writing Bee said...

@Sujatha Di: Definitely the worst kind of cheating! And come home. Will make you loads of home made food :)

Viya ;) said...

omggg.... this was the palak paneer you were talking about on twitter that day??!! dammnn!! i want it sooo badly nowwww... :|

Writing Bee said...

@Vi: Yes my dear this was the Palak Paneer I was talking about :P!!! And I asked you if you wanted some :P!!