Friday, November 25, 2011

A remembrance, an opinion and a question

In another few hours, it would be the 26th of November. It would have been a normal day, had it not been for an alarming shocking terror attack that struck Mumbai, the most happening city in India, three years back.
 I completely remember that day. Well I remember the evening of 26th November, 2008 at least. It had been a normal day, evening, until the television was filled with breaking news’ about a terror attack that hit three very prominent spots at Mumbai. I sat there glued to the television, the entire night and a little bit of the next morning as well. Life for me in Kerala, far away from Mumbai was fine and peaceful, but I could feel the pain and agony the people felt. At least through the television. It would be a completely wrong statement if I said I knew how those people felt. Because, I didn't. And I don't think anyone, other than a person who went through that trauma, have the right to say that either!

I don’t really know if the media covered the incident with the dignity and ethics it had to. Now, being a journalism student, the confusion has boosted up a lot more. There is the ever-ending competition of who would get the newest news and publish it on air, and then there are the feelings of the victims and family members. But yes, I strongly disagree to the way they showed every single movement of the NSG’s, spoiling their plans and providing complete information to the terrorists about their movements. And you journalist, what exactly do you mean by asking a victim or a rescued person, “How do you feel?”!!! Dude they would feel the same way you would feel if you were rescued from a scene where you were stuck with two or three terrorists beside you, sticking their revolvers at your heads and threatening to shoot at the next breath you take in!
The picture talks for itself

And well, Kasab my dear! You would be praying and thanking God that you were captured hostage in India, and no other place. Because, trust me, if it had been any, and I mean ANY other place that you had shown this atrocity, you would be deep down the Earth in a really small, stinking coffin, bearing all the weight of the men walking above you. Even the children of India want you dead! I really don’t understand what the Indian Government mean by spending thousands of money on the provisions and security provided to Kasab! I mean, seriously isn’t there a limit to everything?

Do we really have to tolerate all of this?


TheBluntBlogger said...

His death wouldn't solve the problem anymore. As someone commented on my blog post, he is a prize possession. Once he is dead, there would be an end to the story. If you watch the youtube links I have given on my blog, you would see how Kasab was brainwashed and for a <20 year old it is pretty easy to brain wash. IMO, if Anna can drive the whole nation crazy wrt corruption then why can a poor illetrate teenage pakistani not be brain washed?

Terrorism is deeply rooted in the society now and the way Indian government handles it, it will only increase....

Confused Soul said...

You see we Indians believe in hospitality and "Atithi Devo Bhava" ... Isn't it reflected in the treatment showered on him.. Insane really..

Remembering the kind hearts and I hope Kasab suffers! Really does. Death would be too small a punishment for him.

P.S. I don't get your updates on my blog? Why? :/ .. I'm toh following you na!

The life-a-holic said...

@Chintan: Nothing will be solved with his death. But the way the Indian Government is treating him would definitely boost up other terrorists to join in, because it truly is a princely treatment :|!!!

@Shreya: Death would definitely be a small punishment for him. But life would be the greatest gift for him as well!