Monday, October 3, 2011

2011- A Love Story

The trees seemed to move faster. So did the cows, unaware she guessed, busy grazing on the grass. She felt as if she was moving faster than the chirping birds, busy finding its way through the serene blue clouds. Jennifer a.k.a Jenny was lost in the scenery beyond that she was ignorant about the fight happening on the other side of her seat, in the train.

She was lost in her dreams. Lost in Akshay’s dreams. The love of her life. They had a perfect college love story, until they parted their ways to earn some money before they could put their feet on the next step, marriage. But, most of their money went on talking to each other on the phone or net. Love was indeed costly, she guessed. On her way to Delhi, to give Akshay a surprise visit, Jenny is now recalling the beginning of her new life. Her life with Akshay.

Both of them set eyes on each other, on the first day of college. Surprisingly, they were in the same class with the very same subjects. They got to know each other, and voila, love happened. They spent every possible second with each other, getting to know each other a bit more than before. They realized that love was not about possessiveness or jealousy. They fought with each other only to end in a tight hug and sweet kiss. Not one person in town had a bad thing to tell about either one of them or their relationship.

Travelling in her train, she was anxious in meeting him. In surprising him. She had said she would be off on an official trip, but little did he know that she was busy planning on blowing him off with a surprise visit on their 4th anniversary. She knew he would not remember, but she was not new to it. She dreamt of him, of the time when they would be together, of the expression on his face when he saw her. She dreamt of his soft touch and his smoothing kiss. She dreamt of his caring, understanding and loving nature that never failed to make her skip a beat. She loved him. A bit more, each day.

As she got down from the auto, in front of his apartment, she was a bit nervous. She did not know why, but she felt an uneasiness she never felt before seeing him. She climbed up the stairs to calm herself down. She felt lucky to have a spare key to his home, as this would provide a better edge to her surprise. She opened the door with a fast beating heart and went on to his bedroom. She felt her heart skip a double beat at what she saw. He was on the bed with another girl. Both seemed to love each other a lot, or so their embrace explained. She felt tears fill her eyes and her mouth short of sound. She felt a combination of anger and sadness. She felt broken.

She ran back to the station, with a very heavy heart and filled eyes. Sitting on a chair, she covered her face with her hands. When suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder. She felt it was Akshay’s hand. Or hoped. She did not know why she hoped for it, but she did. But she was wrong. She looked at his eyes, who was Sanjay. He saw her crying and came over to help her out. She felt in need for some love and care. They spoke, and voila started Jenny’s new life.

Has love actually been so easy? Has it lost its essence and meaning? Has it been so easy to start a new relation, on the break of another? What happened to all the anxiety, dreaming, day dreaming? What happened to that love?

P.S: All characters in the story are purely fictional. Any resemblance to anyone, is purely coincidental J


Arjit Srivastava said...

Has love actually been so easy? It is, sadly, now. It never was, but now it is. People CRAVE for love, and they will take it in any way, or form it comes.

Has it lost its essence and meaning? Well, this may differ from perspective to perspective. For some, deeply in love, it still holds its essence and meaning, and for many, it may just not mean anything, reasons best known to them.

Has it been so easy to start a new relation, on the break of another? True, that. And well, no one can help it. Eh?


The life-a-holic said...

@Arjit Srivastava: Completely agree with all of the three points. And yes, no one can can help the way the wonderful feeling called love is going to. I guess the truth is tough to accept, but we have no other go but to accept it!!

Saru Singhal said...

I think love has lost it's charm. Also, moving on in life has become a part of our existence. But, if someone cheats you then it's always better to let it go and make a new beginning. Hello, I just repeated moving on in a polished language...:) :) :) Honestly, it hurts so much that you become mechanical...


The life-a-holic said...

@Saru Di: Very true. We can't possibly lock ourselves in a dark room for the rest of our time just because someone has not realized your worth. There definitely would be someone a lot better out there waiting for you. Btw waiting for a wonderful ppost from you. Long time no see :D??

Red Handed said...

Love pains, love changes you for better or for worse, love is a disease which sometimes stays forever or leave you sooner or later. Novelty wears off. Rebounds happen.
The feelings are the same but they sometimes dissappear. You never knw!

The life-a-holic said...

@Red: Beautifully said