Monday, September 5, 2011

Why always the wrong? Why not the right?

College- a new beginning to life-a new phase-meeting new people-making friends, at least a few-a few of us will be away from home, counting on the people next to us to pamper us like our parents do-missing old friends, crying on the shoulders of the new ones for the same-bunking classes and sitting in the canteen chatting, for the entire day, about God alone knows what-finding your soul mate or probably the worst person you have ever met-fighting, and then making up for everything with a hug-having sleepless nights the day before celebrations, busy preparing for the occasion-busy dressing up the next day, with little or maybe no sleep at all---------.......
Isn't this what college is about? You fight, physically and verbally, but why the hatred? I am questioning the realizations I made today. At my college. In my classroom.

1) Boys will be boys. But is calling someone a loser, hiding behind a screen, and then acting like you have done a fantabolously great job what boys are made out of? *Sorry to all those 'real boys' out there. I really am*.

2) Boys and girls can never be of equal character. As long as boys treat girls like they are just pieces of meat, this world will never have an equal crowd. But can't girls stay together? Or atleast with what is right?

3) People will try head over heels to brain-wash you towards the wrong. But isn't there anything called consciousness to which you answer to at the end of the day when you lie down on your bed? Or do you carry your brain-washing there as well?

4) Boys will never accept their mistakes. Even if the entire world is against them they wouldn't agree that they were wrong. Or is it that they agree but do not have the guts to show it?

5) People would fall back to the feet of those who insulted you to the ultimate level, just to be in the 'gang'. But wouldn't it be so much better to stand alone than be with a group of people with no nerves to agree to the right stuff?

6) People who ask girls to solve their issues are not boys. But what are they?

7) Girls will always listen to boys. Even if the latter are at the negative side. Then what equality are you shouting your throats for?

8) People accuse others to start the entire issue. Why don't they actually go through the entire 'case-study' and then listen and follow what their hearts say, rather than what people around them say?

P.S: Or maybe I already knew all these. I have just started absorbing them. My mistake. I am sorry.


Indumathy Sukanya said...

Totally n completely agree with you...

Guys might be physically taller n stronger...but they're way too immature for their size at times!

And i too feel going out of your ways to support something you believe is stupidity is MADNESS n COWARDICE!

Nice post...sadly the people who need to get this message will never have the maturity to understand this!

Deepthi said...

They would understand someday. Hopefully it won't be too late by then. And thanks about the post :)

Saru Singhal said...

Well, I guess guys know how and when to speak. Girls are less diplomatic in speasking, they speak from their hearts. Only this quality leads to multiple wrong conclusions about girls. Nicely written Deepthi:)

Deepthi said...

I agree with you that guys know when and how to speak. But the problem is they do not know what to speak when!
Thank you :)

Kunal said...

We shouldn't generalize these things, should we? :)

There are good guys, genuinely loving and caring and knowing what to speak when (;)) and then there are not so good I know are the same in the case of girls. May be..we should see the person as-is without having a preconceived notions about he/she being a guy or girl. One orange in the basket is rotten does not mean that all oranges are!...

But, yes..I do agree with some parts of your posts..and College will give many lessons of life.. :)

All the best

Chintan said...

girls bitch about everything to their boyfriends, even the facts like who is more hairy of the lot! and well, men are no less either...they tell the girlfriends who slept with whom :)

college is fun, enjoy and when we start working those times sound much better :D

Priyanka said...

Names, Deeps. Respect yourself enough to name names:)

Deepthi said...

@Kunal: I completely agree when you say a rotten orange in a basket does not imply all the oranges are bad. But there is always a chance that the rotten orange will pass on its rottenness to the other oranges.
Rotten oranges definitely include both the genders. Everyone have their good's and bad's. It's best to look at the good ones for a better life :P. Welcoe to my world of blogging :)

@Chintan: Cllege is fun, no matter how bad few days may be. You always will have a few who would stand by you no matter what.

@Priyanka: I believe respecting others increases the respect I have to myself. And I do not believe in naming names on a public forum, especially when it is for a negative aspect. I believe you believe in the same as is evident from your post 'Doings, Happenings and Other-Ings'. Same pinch on that :)

Sujatha Sathya said...

the meats of flesh thing - ouch!

Deepthi, one request, can you pls remove the word verification for comments?

Deepthi said...

I haven't activated it, but will check and do the needful as soon as possible :)!! It seriously irritates the hell out of me as well :P

Priyanka said...

Point taken.

P.S: Word verification still on:|

Deepthi said...

@Sujatha Di and Dinky: Done with the word verification :)

Jen..The Butterfly Effect said...

LOL! I love this post! Infact I agree with everyone here.

Boys will be boys,after all.Though they maybe a little,er no! Thought they are so egoistic and pompous,I think the better way we can be in harmony with them is lovingly pamper they're ego to an extent they understand our innermost motives well.

Well,what can I say,I think I'll be that way only to my hubby ;) Anybody else,I'd kick their asses ;D!!