Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Silence to be enjoyed

All we can and are expected to do is remain silent and enjoy the silence.

Disgust fills my heart when I look around myself.  Where is our mother going to? What is the future of our motherland? With the present of our mother being so evil and unhealthy, what will our children and grand children and the generations to come have to suffer? Won't they blame us for all the atrocities we have caused to our mother? Don't they deserve to enjoy all the rights and fun that they are entitled to?  In a place where people like, Anna Hazare are kept in jail with criminals like Raja and Kanimozhi, what justice do you expect people to obtain? Where girls as small as 4 and 5 are raped and thrown to their home gates, what equality are we fighting for? In a place where even silent processions are answered by rampant violence from the police, what sovereignty do the citizens enjoy? Hindus consider all Muslims as terrorists and all Muslims consider Hindus as enemies- what secularity remains? When people are forced and threatened to vote for a particular candidate, how can we be call it a democratic nation?

Just spend five minutes and think of all the harm we have done to India. Why are we destroying our mother India? When we can't hurt our very own mother then why do so with the mother that is giving us a vast and diverse area to live on? Would we tolerate anyone hurting our very own mother- The lady who brought us to this beautiful world. She suffered the pain of bearing us within her for nine months, and not to mention and forget the years that followed. How many of us would sit peacefully and watch someone look at our mother in a wrong way, let alone rape her? How many of us would not feel bad the next moment after a fight with our mother? If we do, that mother has given birth to a heartless creatures. Are we that? 

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