Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Sum Up...

Who said people do not speak their hearts out? Ofcourse they do. Especially during celebrations. Celebrations is a time for anyone to understand the true nature of anyone else. They may not speak out through their mouth. But one would very well understand what the other person wants to tell through their actions and behaviours.

Few things I learnt during my recent college celebration.

-Expect the unexpected.

- Do in only your 100% and leave the rest to God, because you would anyway receive comments on how bad the whole thing turned out to be inspite of putting in more than your 100%.

- However, there are other people who think they know everything and can do everything in the bestest way possible without anyone's help. Basically, a one man show!

- Dress your best, because in the end all that is going to matter is how good you looked, and not how much hard work you put in.

- Don't expect anything from anyone. Anything refers to any sort of help, physically, mentally or monetarily.

- Don't put in more than what you are supposed to.

- People who you thought were the most hard working people (and who proved to be the same at some point of time) turned out to be the most lazy little freaks.

- Few people tend to behave like they rule the world and everyone around them are slaves and bound to obey
their orders.

- Be ready to witness new faces. Nope, not really new faces. Old faces with a new face. Get it? :P

- Get ready to hear wonderful comments about you and your surronding beings, even if you are completely covered! (the worst of all)

On a lighter note, celebrations are happy and a time to enjoy with one's friends and loved ones. Especially when it is your last!

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