Saturday, May 19, 2012

An apology and a promise

Ever been in a situation where you have had tonnes of topics to write on, but you just wouldn't let yourself to sit down and write your heart out? Well that was exactly what my life was all about for the past God knows when!

Being bribed..Getting admission in one of the most reputed colleges in India...All the tension and weirdness that followed writing the examination and attending the interview and before the admission was announced...The feeling of having your parents with you every single minute of your life...A trip to a fabulous chilly place when compared to the scorching heat at the present place...Not to mention the cute people I met there!!! were just a few of the topics I wanted to pour my heart out on. But it was like a hatred towards words, I just couldn't wouldn't sit down to mesmerize my beautiful readers with my even more beautiful stories!

Ok, so this is another new thing I have promised myself on. I have got to make myself understand that I am capable of whatever I really want to achieve. Self-confidence-nil!

So here is the promise I have made around a zillion times! I will write on something, be it whatever random insane topic, everyday. You know why? Because I have a huge task and dream in front of me. And for that reality to be a dream, I have absolutely no time to laze around. So here's to a new beginning! CHEERS!!


Confused Soul said...

Atta girl...that's the spirit..
go for it..we're here to read you :)

CD!!! said...

Way to go Girl!!! Will be waiting for new posts from you :)
And please pleaseee pleaseeeeee write about the cute people you met :D and the chilly place :)

Hazel said...

Aww it's good to see you back Bee :)

Writing Bee said...

@Shreya: Thank you so much dear. Means a lot to know that people are waiting to read my stuff :)

Writing Bee said...

@CD: Awww I would love to write on the cute people, but very sadly the only one I found cute was my cousin himself!!!! :\

Writing Bee said...

@Hazel: Great to be back dear :)