Thursday, September 22, 2011

Stepping the stones to Success

An old saying by Henrik Ibsen, considered as the father of the prose drama goes as, “A woman cannot be herself in the society of the present day, which is an exclusively masculine society, with laws framed by men and with a judicial system that judges feminine conduct from a masculine point of view.” Women of today’s era, however, are proving him wrong.

The Indian woman of present age, are walking the road less travelled, compelling their male equivalent to put in double the effort and strength to overtake them and reach the top. Their ability to juggle with family and professional lives and be an expert in multi-tasking creates awe among the men. Her excellent inter-personal and intra-personal skills and acceptance to admit her faults builds envy among her male equals. Be it P.K.Jayalakshmi, the youngest minister in Kerala, or Bachendri Pal, who wears the honour to be the first Indian woman to stand on top of the world, they have all put in that extra effort to stand above the men. The female foetus is crying for Andal Damodaran’s help to abolish female infanticide. She could be by the name Suparna Ganguli or Shirin Juwaley. She also could be the fitness and beauty conscious Vandana Luthra, who helped women bring back the life into their face.

Women have been looked down upon from time immemorial and the ritual continues. It is believed, and sadly accepted, that a woman’s world starts and ends with her family and does not deserve to enjoy the life she dreams of. On the roads, in trains and/or buses, cinema complexes, institutions, offices, why go any further, some women are ill-treated in their very own homes. They are not treated as equals, and are not provided with equal opportunities in any fields of education and employment. She is considered inferior to men, when in reality, she is a lot more capable and possesses potential to at least give a shot on the impossible.

According to the 2006, The Week Cover story, women are considered to be better leaders, when compared to men. In the same article, Padma Bandopadhyay, retired Air Marshal quotes “Our world begins with the family. While leading a team too, we adopt the same approach.” This very well proves the conclusion given by the magazine. It has to be accepted that every family runs smoothly and lovingly, only because of the sole reason for a woman. Her experience at home, with her husband and kids, moulds her to the whims and fancies of individuals. In an office, the members are collectively looked upon as a family, and this ship of individuals can be sailed a lot smoother with the help of a lady captain. The famous Bachendri Pal, the first Indian woman to climb Mount Everest said in a recent interview in CNN IBN that, during tough times she gathers strength from the moments when she had to climb the mountain. “If I can reach the top of the world, nothing is impossible,” she says. Shirin Juwaley, a burn victim by her very own husband, now fights with the help of her NGO Palash, and is out on the roads, helping other similar victims regain their self esteem and self confidence, to live life as a normal human being.

A lot many women have proved that impossible is nothing, as long as you put in your heart and soul into it your act. It takes a lot of determination and courage, for a woman to stand out, in a man dominated world. But as long as you are ready to input that extra effort to crack that egg in a special way, you would be the star, no matter what gender you belong to 


Sujatha Sathya said...

if i can reach the top of the mountain, nothing is impossible.
now that is one tremendously inspiring line from a woman,an achiever

Saru Singhal said...

Nicely written Deepthi, Women power is yet to emerge and then the world will see how much we can achieve...I' saying emerge as even today I see women have limited freedom.

Deepthi said...

@Sujatha Di: Such words from a hero truly brings out the strength for people like us.

@Saru Di: Thank you :)

Chintan said...

I always say, women and men are human beings first. gender bias and equality is bull shite.

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

Well written!
As long as you put your heart and soul into it, women can achieve everything they want. Hard work always pays off!

The life-a-holic said...

@Chintan: Completely true! The the trouble arises when the former part of your comment does not take place.

@TheGirlAtFirstAvenue: Thank you very much :)