Friday, August 26, 2011

Will You...???

It was half past 10. She was used to holding her Samsung Corby to her ears, with the love of her life on the other end. She would be on her bed, cuddling with her teddy, laughing at one moment and crying the next moment. She would talk about her day, her worries, her moments of laughter, while her guy would listen patiently. After a while, it would be the other way round. But today, or rather for a few days now, she felt alone. Her Corby would be motionless for half of the day. The other half would be filled with calls or texts from her family back at home, or friends who needed help. Her love seemed to be too busy to spend time with her like before.
Everything was fine. They met in college, while she was being bullied by his friends. Little did she know, that he was too busy admiring her, to save her. But he did. From the bullies, and not him. They had dreams of each other. They dreamt of of being together, walking with their hands clasped to each other. But neither had the courage to open their hearts to the other. But he did. And they had the perfect college life together. With their moments of love, fights, laughter and fun. Luckily both of them got placed in the same city, Delhi, Dilwalon hi Shahar (the land of lovers).
It was few days before Valentines Day. They were having dinner in a posh restaurant. Out of the blue, he asked her what her plans were for V Day. She looked at him with her loving eyes, shrugged and smiled. And he continued talking to her about his day at office. Confused, she asked him what his plans were. "I am really sorry darling, but I have to leave to Dubai the day before V Day, for a very important meeting," he said. With filled eyes, she looked at him. Both of them looked at each other for five whole, silent minutes. But she loved him. More than she could ever love anyone else. And she knew he loved her as much in return. With that note, they continued to have their dinner. Their silence spoke more than their words.
She tried calling him. His phone was busy. After half an hour, she tried calling him again. He picked it up and said that he was busy and would call her later. She waited. And waited. Till she slept off waiting. He kept his distance, and she held on to her heart. She trusted him. Believed he would always be with her, be it wind or sunshine. But her heart was frightened. And she tried keeping her distance. He did not call her before leaving to Dubai, except for a text which read, "Leaving. Take care. Happy Valentines Day. I Love You". She missed him, but did not know who to tell it to.
It was Valentines Day. The flower shops were filled with red roses. And more than them, it was filled with customers, hoping to buy the best of best rose to impress their partner. She wished she got the best of then from her guy. But there she was, all alone, with the person she loved more than her life, far away. It was late when she returned to home from office, only too tired. She went to her bedroom to freshen up and go to sleep fast, so that the day would finally come to an end.
Only to see on her bed beautifully made with a beautiful red gown and a note that read, "My Love, you look like a princess the way you are. But I would love to see you at the Garden at Residency, wearing this gown. P.S: I Love You". The same tears filled her eyes, but this time it was because of happiness. She got dressed to her best, and drove to the place mentioned by her love.
As she entered, she saw the grass was filled with red rose petals, paving a clear path for her to walk on. And on the other side, was Rahul, dressed in a suit, looking his best as always, smiling at her. Tears filled her eyes to see the person whom she thought had left her and gotten bored of her. As she reached to his extended hand, she saw a candle lit table covered in a red cloth, on top of which were a bunch of red roses. Yes, she got the best of them all. Beside them, was a bottle of champagne and two glasses. He knelt down, holding her left hand. Took out a ring from his pocket, showed it to her and said,
"Jaan (Heart, what she usually loved him calling her), you are the best person I have ever met. You love me, like no one else could ever do, understand me more than anyone else, trust me more than I trust myself and have faith in me. It is because of you that I am who I am. I would never do anything that would hurt you, and the 'Dubai' plan was just to make this day a lot more special. (both of them share a silent laugh). My life would be incomplete without you. So, would you do me the honour of being my wife for the rest of my life?"
She hugged him, literally choking him. But he loved it and her.

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