Monday, August 8, 2011

A Resoultion...

We celebrated Friendship Day today,
Our last friendship day at college,
We had our fights and hatred,
In the three years at our second-home,
We came alone, and will leave alone,
But today,
There was no difference, there was no one alone,
No hatred or fights, not even on the faces,
We tied bands on every person's hands,
With no bands, our wishes played the game,
And today I have taken this resolution,
To forget all hatred, and to love all,
During the final few months left,
At our second-home,
At our college.


Priyanka said...

Waaahaaan :'( Don't say last...

Deeps said...

hmm..truth hurts?? :(

Marcia B. said...

how cute!! friendship is such a rollercoaster, your blog is cute!! I am now following you, follow me back, if you like? :)

Deeps said...

Thank you very much :)