Saturday, August 13, 2011


Struck in the middle of his sleep by the scratching of his parent's feet on the floor and the screams from his mother asking him to get up, he felt restless and angry. What a way to start the day! But there was sometime left for the day to come to action. The walk school, the fights and the high pitched screams with friends and teachers respectively, the nagging from his mother to complete his home-work when all he wanted to do was play in his PS3, the delicious dinner before the late night sleep. They all could wait for some more time. But the carefree, peaceful sleep had called it a day!
Until he reached the dark world. A world with no natural light. Unlike the scorching bright rays of the sun that used to wipe out the sleep from his eyes, pitch darkness surrounded him. He ran to his mother with a worried look and asked her how the current could vanish so early in the morning. He felt the Electricity Board had played its game as usual. Little did he know that our great great grandfather had passed away. The Sun!
But life had to move on. So the day began. He got dressed in the dark. He had a tough time in putting his hair intact with no light to help him see. He walked to school with a torch light, to save himself from tripping over a stone. The teachers were kind to their students. They too were mourning the death of their life lighter. However the playground was still filled with kids during the break hours. However there were several cuts and wounds to be taken care of, thanks to the lack of light.
The classes were interrupted by the Princi, who walked in to give in tips to the students, as well as teachers, to go on with normal life. He told them, with the Sun no more there to protect us from the stones and thorns, with day and night being the same, electricity was the only hope. He asked everyone to be careful about the way they use the electricity and to make sure they switched off all lights and fan when they were not being used.He walked back home, nearly missing a broken branch. He informed his parents on what the Princi had asked them to do. With no mood to watch tv or play PS3, he had an early dinner and went off to bed early.

He woke up all of a sudden to the bright daylight, sweat dripping from his forehead. His mother came into the room, with an angry face, telling him it was getting late for school. Seeing her son's tensed face, she hugged him tight and told him it was just a dream. A very bad dream. In the shelter of his mother's chest, he lay for sometime, before the day called for him.
Could this little boy's bad dream be a reality?


Priyanka said...

It it ever becomes reality, then God help us.
Nice post, Deeps:)

Deepthi said...

Thank you :)