Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Overload of Surprises

The day I was back from home! A Sunday! I brought along a cake for my friends! We cut it in the evening, and went around spreading the taste of the mouth watering chocolate cake! Though a few seemed to dislike cakes all of a sudden, the day went on well!
The next day, or maybe the day after the next day, at 12, I cut another cake! The sweetest cake, made specially by my friends! Five individual pastries combined to form one marvellous cake! This time, a white creamy vanilla cake! With my friends being able to grab only 15 candles, we completed the ritual by lighting five of them again! And then, the most painful part! 20 hard hitting hands on my back! From around 6 to 7 of them! Ouch!!!But it was all good and fun! Oh and not to forget the two slaps and walking around on my knees, by my close friend, who is going away to London soon!
D Day! Got the sweetest ever card, made by my bestest friend ever! Had a tough time trying to hold back my tears! With the words that made my day! And then the distribution of sweets to the teachers! I guess that would be the first time every teacher was happy with me :P!
And then, the happiest time of the day! I know I have been saying this in every sentence, but that is how I felt! I went out! Spent some superb time with a few very special people! And then, a friend from hostel, calls me in a hurry, asking me to get back to hostel, because my brother and sister-in-law had made a surprise visit! I had asked them to come as a surprise, but they backed out the last minute due to personal reasons! It seems! But they made it, with the best and yummiest cake ever! We cut it near the car, thanks to the rules in my hostel, that brothers are not supposed to enter the girls hostel! Brought the cake back to the hostel and distributed that as well! And then, a very special person asked me to come and meet them! And the best surprise for a century! The cutest ever tweety doll! Now Vytee!
 Went for dinner, thinking the day had come to an end! Little did I know, it had just begun! A treasure hunt, that led me to my gift! Yes, more gifts! With clues leading to people that  meant the world to me! And the gift! The most beautiful Wildcraft bag, with a K Special, to help me loose my weight :P! And a ring, from my bestest friend! I know I have awarded many people to be my bestest friend, but they truly deserve the award!
All this on the one day I thought would be like any other day! My 20th Birthday! Definitely not like any other day!
P.S: All the make-up in the pictures were part of the treasure hunt! Including the beauty spot!

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