Saturday, April 2, 2011

Where is the consistency?

April 2nd, 2011... Special and big day for all Indians it seems... Why?? Because India is playing the biggest ever cricket game in the history... I am sorry but I strongly disagree to the fact that all Indians should be glued to the 'idiot box' the whole of today to see how the 11 selected players perform on the pitch... Even worse, a friend of mine even claimed that I am not an Indian because I am not infront of the television witnessing Sachin, Sehwag and Dhoni play for the country... Not that I am aginst cricket or anything.. But after all, cricket is just a game!!! Yes, I agree the only game India has left to show its potential in.. But I dont't really think it is showing a consistent performance.. It is really good on one match.. And is down the drain for the next match.. A perfectionist would remain one throughout his life.. So how can one disagree that India winning a match is more or less luck..??!!! Probably, there could be contradictions saying they played really well for a match. But why can't they play in the same way for all the matches.. Maybe luck was bad for them for a few matches, but how can luck be bad for them for nearly 3/4th of the matches that they have played? And it is best if I don't start on the day when India is playing against Pakistan!! People bunk classes, work just to watch them play the match.. If they win, they are praised for the rest of the day.. If the lose, they are cursed for the rest of the year.. Where is the consistency among the audience as well to cheer and encourage their players to the fullest through thick and thin?? They want to encourage them? Encourage them throughout, whether they win or lose.. And isn't true patriotism about doing something for the betterment of the nation?? Or has the meaning changed to watching people who try to bring a better name for the nation?? In my dictionary it has not..!!! And I hope it doesn't in the others as well.. And isn't hockey the national game of India?? But who are the hockey players?? Does anyone know..??!!!

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