Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy? Independence Day...

I woke up this morning and... bhoom... my phone was filled with Independence Day messages. A few from people I know, the others from my well wishers?
I guess all of them forgot that the telecom servers were paying them for their texts. So much for the one month message booster huh? Maybe they should have added 'exclusive of special occasions for the country and festivals'. Yes! Independence Day is included in the list of Diwali, Friendship Day, V Day and so on!
Someone in my vicinity just burst crackers. Oh, yes, Independence Day invites bursting of crackers rather than the hoisting of the flag with all of us straight in our spinal cord saluting the best and most beautiful symbol of our nation.
Should we be proud of a nation, where, equality is just preached and not practiced? Where females are pieces of art and creation, to be used to accomplish one's pleasure? Where even baby female fetuses are not saved and given a chance to enjoy life like all of us? Where girls as small as 9 and 10 are raped and thrown? Or maybe they are following the age old use and disuse theory!
What exactly is the future of our mother? In a country where the youth, and the so-called future of India, eat more of burgers and pizza rather than chapathi and sabji, watch more of Star World rather than know more about what the Indian Government is doing to better or worse India, are more inclined towards low waist jeans and T's rather than the Indian sari or dhothi and jubba, who love visiting the beauty parlour more than their college, what is the future of India?
On a lighter and positive note, India is much much better than many other countries, like Vietnam, Myanmar, Burma, Cuba and so on. So there are 'stuff' to be proud of. And there is definitely room for much much more improvement.


P.S: All written are purely personal opinions, feels and emotions. Anyone is free to oppose, support and comment on the post. Any relevance to anyone's feelings is purely coincidental.

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